Saturday, 14 January 2017

From SylvainR: 15mm WW2 Soviet (159 Points)

I was delayed in my painting endeavors this year by a very pleasant family vacation where the temperature, by number, is similar to Regina, except for the presence of that pesky "minus" sign.

Anyway, here is my first submission of the challenge, a group of support weapons and a tank to help the Soviet fight the "Great patriotic War". All the miniatures are from Battlefront.

Here is the story behind this group of miniatures. When I moved to Regina to my first serious job, in 1998, I decided that it was time to put all my crazy wargaming years behind me. However, in 2006, I was introduced to Curt and after 8 years of abstinence, the 'Devil' tempted me and I started spending both my money and my time on miniatures and games. And I was (and still am) so happy about it!

The first army I painted for my "comeback" in 2006  was a mid-war Soviet infantry battalion for the Flames of War rule set. Curt painted some Germans to match my group and we had a few games. Then we tried other games and painted other miniatures. I still have some unpainted infantry laying around since 2006, and this year's challenge is the opportunity to finish them at last!

In the lot, here are ten heavy machine guns teams, mounted on wheels for transportation. Nothing fancy for the base: a simple dry brush and some flock. It seems to fit the soviet style: spartan and efficient. This is worth 80 points (3 crew at 2 each plus a machine gun worth 2 points).

There are also six 45mm anti-tank guns, four are the 1937 model while two are of the 1942 model, with the longer barrel. This is worth 72 points (4 crew at 2 each plus the guns worth 4 points).

The tank is a T-34-57, so not your usual T-34-76. You will note the longer gun barrel. Not many were produced, but it's always handy to have one around, especially when the German bring heavily armored units.

I like to base my ships, but I prefer to let my tanks blend with the scenery. Thus I have to subtract 25% for this unit, which is worth 4 points instead of 6.

Expect to see more Soviets in the next few weeks as I clean up my unpainted miniatures boxes.


Ah, it's great to see you with us Sylvain, and returning to us with this great entry of WWII Soviets!

I'm no great fan of FoW, but these can be used for many other rule systems. In fact after seeing them here I have a hankering to see them in an upcoming game of 'Crossfire'.

I didn't realize your were practicing a form of 'wargaming celibacy' before we met. Well, I'm delighted to have ensorcelled you back to the fold. I can't imagine our gaming group without it's Francophone component - Sacré bleu! it just wouldn't be Canadian.  :) 

I'm not going to subtract any points for the lack of basing for the vehicles as I know many who don't in this scale and larger. I'm also giving you an extra point for the brave Soviet commander rolling to his 88mm doom.

Welcome back to the Challenge, Sylvain!

19 more to bring into the fold..


  1. A welcome return Sylvain with a nice little entry :)

  2. Seeing these I am shouting in my own head "DO NOT GEWT SIDETRACKED!" They make m want to start a 15mm soviet army. But I really Must finish a few other projects first.

  3. Great first entry of the year for you and a treat for us


  4. Nice Rooskies Sylvain. I am not a FoW fan either but there are many great rules sets out which you can use these guys for. I would recommend the Battlegroup series.

  5. Welcome to the Challenge, Sylvain! The persuasive powers of one Curt Campbell do carry more than a whiff of brimstone with them... I have also been 'persuaded' to enter into a bargain with the Snowlord, and have been in his thrall for over a year now.

    However, trivial considerations such as the welfare of your immortal soul aside, this is a great addition to your Red Army. Looking forward to seeing more of these Great Patriotic Warriors!

  6. Great work mon ami! I hadn't realized that you had been corrupted by the great Curthullu!

  7. These turned out nicely amd it must be a good feeling to get figures dane that were lingering in the lead mountain for that long!

  8. They look really good, you've done a great job catching the detail on such tiny infantry!

  9. Good to have you back mon Ami!

  10. I have a real soft spot for this range from battlefront having owned them myself and enjoyed painting them and you've done a grand job on them, especially the machine gun team, well done indeed!

  11. Great work Sylvain - welcome back to the mayhem!

  12. Hello Sylvain - I do Soviets in 15mm as well and I tip my pilotka to you, these are really well done. I especially like the subtle colouring on the tank, and very nice to see the rare T34-57. Crackingly good entry.