Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Weekend is Here and The Deadline Draws Near

Saturday is upon us and I see from our draft page that I will be very, very busy over the next few days.  The entries for Sunday's 'Armour' bonus theme round are flowing in and I also have a lot of entries to show you today as well. It's going to be a great weekend!

Just as a reminder (okay, yes, it's a bit a nag), it is only two weeks until the Challenge Cut. We have 60 of our 100 Challengers who have already submitted entries, which is great and I suspect there will be several more in this upcoming Theme round, but we need to see all our remaining 40 Challengers get in an entry. So please get a submission done and join us on the points roster.

In order to accomodate all those wanting in getting in under the wire, I'm going to extend the deadline a day to Saturday, January 21st at midnight.

Okay, enough of being a drill sergeant, let's get on to today's submissions!

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  1. Your're so adorable when you act authoritarian