Friday, 10 February 2017

From KeithS: The Last of the Adventurers...for now (152 points)

At long last, I've pretty much run out of 25mm adventurer figures (well, at least ones that are prepped and don't suck).  This week I managed to finish off thirty of the buggers, in two batches of 15.  They are a total mix - Ral Partha, GW, Asgard, some Grenadier, Reaper, Minifigs, and who knows what else.  But, hey, that's how I roll. 

The first half of the first batch.  Nothing too exciting, though the guy on the far right - I had one of those growing up that my dad painted, so it's pretty nostalgic for me.

Group two of batch one.  Again, a mix.  A few of these I've had for decades, while others are recent acquisitions from various cons and larger batches on eBay.

 I liked how this shield turned out, and the figure is pretty nice, too (Asgard, maybe?)

This chap was a bit odd looking.  But it is his shield that caught my eye.  It has a horses head and I originally was just going to do boring old Rohirrim white on green, but then I noticed it looks a lot more like a chess piece.  Thus, I got a little inspiration and did a checkered pattern (with the horse inverted on it)

My first week was the Silent Sisters.  I needed a captain for those lovely ladies and settled on this one.  She looks a lot fancier and better armed, appropriate for their captain; of course, she is sans eyeballs.  There'll be some more related to that sub-project as the challenge goes on.

Some of the troops from the back.  The woman on the far right is the same as the Silent Sisters (Asgard/Viking Forge).  I did this one as a normal adventuress, though.

Batch two I just finished up under the wire.  Once again, a really mixed lot that's all over the map.

These two feisty ladies are from the same line as the Captain above, I think, but I did them as straightforward warriors (i.e. with their eyes intact).

From the back.  They are really simple but I like how they turned out.

These two rather rudimentary figures I decided to use for practice in painting striped pants.  I like how they turned out and will be doing that more often.

Some more from this batch.  I've painted the Ral Partha guy on the left before  But I really liked the Middle Eastern type female in the center a lot.  I need to figure out who makes that one and find some more of a similar style.  I don't know what her weapon was supposed to be (it was missing) so she got a simple spear.

A bard and a Saxon.

And that's it for this week.  I do have more adventurers, but they are either not prepped or are really crummy figures that are almost not worth painting (though I sort of am employing the "no figure left behind" principal in my work - the challenge is wonderful for motivation).  I decided to hold off on my 28mm Scots as I'm considering shield decals (blasphemy?  maybe, but then again maybe I will just hand paint them).  I also have scads of demons screaming to be painted, plus some other monsters, 300 figures from Ral Partha's last Kickstarter in boxes, and who knows what else.

As an aside, I finally started using some of my adventurers in actual play.  Here's my AD&D game of Keep on the Borderlands last weekend, complete with figures for the party (and a bunch of dead Hobgoblins, which I painted a few weeks back).

Ah, it wouldn't be Friday without a big Keith mixed bag of DnD-style fantasy minis. My favourite this week is definitely  the very jolly Middle East-style lady warrior, with her dainty spear. And the red Ral Partha wizard, with the cute dragon familiar on his shoulder. I'm a bit concerned at how skinny those other ladies are: once you factor in the plate, and necessary undergarments and padding, do they even have a waist in there? Nice work on stripy pants - perfect if you've any pirates to do in the future - but those sculpts are pretty rough: boy am I glad the hobby has moved on to this new 'Golden Age'.

This might be the last of you adventurers, but if you're still pondering the Scots, it sounds like we'll have more fantasy minis from you next week? Looking forward to it 

And that's a big AD&D group you have there, bet you have fun keeping all them in line. 


  1. Nice mix of d&d types, I recognise some from the dim and distant past! Like the red ral partha wizard best, he looks great.
    Best Iain

  2. Lovely old school adventurers Keith :)

  3. Very diverse assortment, excellent character. And well done on the striped paints!

  4. "prepped and don't suck"... What more could you want? :-) Some lovely old school goodness in there Keith.

    Great to see Keep on the Borderlands getting a run! I recognised it from the map even before I read your post. We played that (again!) just recently too. Still great fun.

  5. Congratulations on finishing this project- for now!

  6. Nice haul, Keith! These really brig back memories too as I've used or owned several of them in the past. I still have that shoebox rumbling about someplace....
    I love the sheild work and the trousers are well done, perfect test figures too! ;)