Saturday, 18 February 2017

From MilesR: Moderns and Chindits (270 points)

 A little bit of Saturday morning 28mm figures painting...
 First up 16 Modern Soviet troops from Empress Miniatures.  Fantastic figures!
 Next is 10 WW2 Chindits from Warlord Games.  These guys are a blast to play in Bolt Action and will go to fill out my British Burma theatre army.  The quality of the castings was very poor and required a lot of time to fix up.

 Now some more Empress stuff in the form of 20 modern British infantry and...
8 SAS troopers.

I must say the quality of the Empress figures I have painted during this year's Challenge have been superb.  In fact I may be ordering some more for the final "push" to March 20....

54 figures in total should net me 270 points.  The paint quality is a bit rushed but not bad for a mornings worth of work.

Ok Miles, your "little bit of Saturday morning 28mm figures painting"  is equal to 2/3 of my production in the entire challenge.  

Anyway, I really like the moderns.  Nice work on the bases.  Warlord figures are a bit of a crap shoot from everything I've seen and heard.  My only experience was with some plastic AWI Hessians - nice sculpts but the heads were in three pieces!  I'll chalk up a ho hum 270 points on the Spreadsheet of Doom for you.


  1. You did all of that in a morning? I dont get that done in a week - and I paint every day! Chindits are fun to play indeed. I am surprised the casts were poor thats unlike Warlord in my experience actually.

    Great stuff mate :-)

  2. 'A bit of Saturday morning 28mm figure painting...'

    Miles, you're as bad as Byron and his 'tabletop quality' twattle. ;)

    Great stuff, but how about some closer shots of your work?

  3. Not bad for a morning's work. Glad to see you're taking things easy after the stresses of those meetings in the Turks :)

  4. That's a lot of troops for one morning! Holy cow. Nice work!

  5. Nice work Miles! You should try the TAG Chindits, they're wonderful minis.

  6. Briiliant stuff, if I could paint as quickly as this my lead mountain would be halved in no time!

  7. What's that you say 'A bit of Saturday morning 28mm figure painting...'! Well, that's more figures then I've painted this challenge! Your a machine Miles.


  8. I agree with both the Snowlord and Christopher above, also: feeling jealous!

  9. They look mighty fine for "a morning paint session" Did you start your day with expresso shooters?! ;)
    I quite like the British troopers and the SAS, the remind me of the British and Kiwis at FOB Frontenac, but they need to a little more sunburnt and dusty to really fit! ;)