Saturday, 18 February 2017

From TomF - AWI 2nd New Hampshire (31 points)

Next unit off of the painting table for the AWI Battle of Hubbardton project is the 2nd New Hampshire.

The 2nd NH is rather colourful unit uniform-wise (sky blue coats with red facings) which made it a lot of fun to paint.  As with the other American units, the rest of the uniform and equipment varied among the men of the regiment .

 The unit is composed of 30 10mm Pendraken figures.  I had intended on having enough figures for six stands (36 figures), but realized after having finished painting them that I had only base-coated and painted 32.  Hopefully I'll find the motivation to paint up another 4 figures in the future to join the two orphaned painted figures on a sixth stand.

Progress towards my goal of 500 pts. has been slower than expected.  I'm really going to have speed up my production over the next month!

Next up ... some British Grenadiers.

I have to say Tom that I am really taken with the project of yours.  The Pendraken 10mm figures are really nice and work well in these large units.  I could be seriously tempted to do SYW on a large scale with them..(slap!)

Lovely work on these little wonders, the facings and drum are nicely done and I love the flag. I also like the basing for these figures.  You chosen the right scale of turf to suit the figures, anything larger and they'd be hiding in elephant grass.  Checking my minion cheat sheet I get 30 figures @ 2 points per 10mm fig plus 1 for the flag =61 points.


  1. Great work. a favorite unit of mine

  2. Really nice work Tom. I enjoy seeing the 10mm troops.

  3. Peter ... thanks for the nice comments on my submission. I'm glad you like the basing as I've been playing around for the right recipe that complements the 10mm figures.
    Looking back at the scoring system for the Challenge, I believe 10mm infantry are 1 point each. So with the flag, the total should be 31 points. If you were taking pity on me for my lament of not reaching my 500 pt goal I won't argue to much about the 61 ;)

    1. Your basing works really well for the scale of figs Tom. You are alas correct about the scoring and I'll enter it as 31 when I update the spreadsheet of doom later today.

  4. A lovely unit of Rebels, Rod. Very tidy paintwork indeed. Here's hoping the other four catch up with the regiment before the provosts snap them up. :)

  5. Lovely stuff, great detail at such a scale

  6. Great period choice Tom and nice looking unit to boot!


  7. Really nice unit, 10mm figures just get better and better, especially with a quality paint job.

  8. Very sharp work on the 10mm, Tom! That pale blue and red does look striking! The basework is very nice too!