Wednesday, 8 February 2017

From TeemuL: Some Chaos Warriors (20 points)

Messing around with Bonus rounds and losing the last weekend due the boardgame trip I have table full of half-painted miniatures. I had to prioritize for miniatures I need for gaming (today), so here are four Chaos Warriors for my Army of Black Fist. They are pretty old, but as they have round bases, they are going to fight in the Age of Sigmar. Three of them are old plastic Chaos Warriors from early 90s or so, fourth one is even older (I believe) Chaos Warrior from HeroQuest boxed game by MB.

I have a unit of ten on the painting table, but I just needed the command group for today's game, so I finished it. For some reason I also wanted to paint the odd HeroQuest mini as well. The Standard bearer is a minor conversion, tooth pick and a banner from the bitz box. Hornblower has a horn "sculpted" from green stuff. The leader is just a basic warrior with different paint job.

Icon Bearer
These will join the Chaos Lord Aquila, which I painted couple of weeks ago.

Next week there should be more miniatures, because the weekend is basically empty and I should have more time with the miniatures.

Horn Blower
Post Scriptum: Battle report from today, I was wiped out (again) and also lost the scenario (the one with the meteors). I didn't play well and I played against shooting elves so the loss was very acceptable.

Aspiring Champion
4 28mm miniatures for 20 points.

ByronM: Great to see some of these old figures still floating around out there, and I like the conversion work for the banner bearer and musician. The logo on the banner is really good too.   It's funny looking back at these old GW figs and seeing how far plastic models have come over the years.  While I like these old models for nostalgia value, and sure many models now are way overdone with too much going on with them, I don't believe anyone puts our anything as truly 2 dimensional as these anymore, which is a very nice change.


  1. Nice chaos warriors, aged well I think!
    Best Iain

  2. They truly are two-dimensional, Byron, and when they are basically all armor, it is difficult to paint them to look interesting.

  3. They may be old figures, but you made them look very sinister.