Wednesday, 8 February 2017

From ScottM - Germans & Frostgrave (100 points)

My contribution for this week is a small medley of assorted figures. Continuing with my early-war Germans, is a set of German Engineers. These figures are from Black Tree Design.
Next is a pair of German flamethrower troops, also from Black Tree Design.

And lastly is a 75mm light artillery piece. This set is from Warlord Games.

I've started using weathering powders to make my vehicles/guns look weathered and/or well-travelled and I really think it helps especially when it comes to weathering wheels.

The next group of figures will be used in my local Frostgrave campaign. First group is a Celt Packmaster and hounds from Warlord Games.
And lastly is a Wraith King from Reaper Miniatures.
ByronM: Nice work Scott the Germans look really good and I like the weathering on them, it is subtle but effective.  I am with you on the powders, they make it much easier to get a weathered but not covered look than going so with paint.  The frostgrave figures look good as well, I like the work on the wraith's cloak and sword of flames.


  1. nice work, I do love an eclectic submission

  2. Love the 75mm 'door knocker' and the dogs with their handler. Excellent!

  3. with curt the 75mm is a real nice piece.

  4. Nice mixed post ,the dogs are cracking!
    Best Iain

  5. Terrific work, the landsers look very determined and the Frostgrave figures are ace, especially the red cape chap.
    It occurs to me that "Frostgrave" would be a good name for the Stalingrad campaign.