Friday, 10 March 2017

Onwards, Friday crew, approaching the final Stretch!

It's Friday, Spring is arriving over here in the UK, the long nights of winter drawing to a close. But
there's painting to plough on with as we all approach the final couple of weeks of this most excellent of Challenges.

But first, a brief 'Star Wars meets Calvin and Hobbes' interlude. Why? Well, what else are Fridays for but miscellany?:

Our Friday Crew has some excellent offerings for you today, inclusing:

  • Napoleonics from StefanK
  • Sassanids and WWII from Steve M
  • More on Sander's delightfully nostaligc GI Joe project and some steadfast Prussians
  • More monsters and adventurers from KeithS
  • A little LOTR from StefanK
And more to come to keep me busy over the day, I expect! 


  1. I think you may have fallen under the dark-side* influence of the Thursday Minion leading you to post that Calvin & Hobbes pic ;)

    Looks like a Friday of treats is coming our way :)

    *not to be (completely) confused with "dork-side" ;)

    1. I resemble that remark...just a smidge. But I also sneak through woods as a almost 50 year old and on the run. That means I can fly my geek flag proudly! ;)
      Gotta get that car driving thing down though! ;)