Monday, 6 March 2017

From AlanD: French Regulars for FIW and Curtgeld (65 Points)

From Curt: This one from Dux came in later Saturday evening, after Dave had signed-off, but I wanted to get it posted so Alan can keep his painting mojo at a keen edge.

Paul O'G and I have started a campaign of Sharp Practice set in the French & Indian Wars. Last Wednesday saw Paul send a probing force of Rangers and Indian allies towards a French outpost, managing to burn a French hut before they were seen off by the arrival of French reinforcements. Needless to say, both sides claimed victory, but this skirmish can only be the prelude to our main forces clashing.

To bolster the French forces, another group of regulars from the La Reine regiment have arrived from Quebec (aka my painting table). The figures are from the Conquest Miniatures range also released by Warlord Games.

Also this week, I have finished my Landsknecht looter for the group Curtgeld submission being put together by the merry men and woman of our gaming group. He is unbased at present until all his friends are finished. Hope you like him, Curt!

And now, back to marking historiography essays...


Your French reinforcements look excellent, Dux. I quite like how your groundwork helps mask the socket marks of the movement trays. I have a bunch of unpainted Minden figures and after seeing yours here I'd like to see how they'd work with the Conquest casting.  I like the thought of Quebec being your painting table, Alan. Just steer clear of the Plains of Abraham - very bad karma for those wearing white. :) 

That Landsknecht looter is marvelous! I like the buff colour peeking out of his slashed doublet and his striped hose falling down around his calves.  By the look on his face, the purple rug he's toting is probably holding a few months wages. I very much look forward to seeing him with the rest of his mates. Thanks so much! 


  1. All History teachers in this Challenge say aye: AYE!

    Great stuff you've got there!

  2. On the contrary, I hear the Plains of Abraham are lovely this time of year...

    Lovely job mate - cant wait to pit my Redcoats against them!

    1. PS I envy the lack of lacing for you to paint on those Frogs...

  3. Great stuff Alan - it has been great to see the FIW stuff coming out during this Challenge - another period I would love to tackle at some point.

  4. Nice FIW figures and lovely looting landsknecht!
    Best Iain

  5. Very nice- I rewatched Last of the Mohicans last week and thought of you two. Good basing as well.

  6. Nice looking Frenchmen Alan. Let's not forget that they got a better outcome on the Plains of Abraham in 1760.

  7. The French are really sharp, Dux! you tinted the white coats perfectly with gear!