Monday, 6 March 2017

North West frontier. (Clint B) (100 pts.)

Well in a moment of madness (or sanity if you just happen to be a wargamer) I have managed to complete another 20 figures. All 28mm and a variety of makes, Copplestone, foundry, Empress being the main ones though.

I wanted a very rag tag look to them so no two are dressed the same or in the same colours, yes a green turban might on one figure be the same shade of green as another's tunic, but you get the idea.  Mostly I have attempted to have a subtle colour variation. They do after all want to look individual and not that they went shopping all on the same day at the same store.

While they are not for the Film bonus round (That is a group project) they could LIKE so many wargames figures be IF I so chose!

All the best Clint

MilesR:Great looking figures to accompany a classic film!  Bravo Clint!


  1. Lovely work, I feel the need to whistle the Eton Boat Song now.

  2. excellent stuff, a right colourful medley of clothing.

  3. Wow, that's really colourful!

  4. Oh, missed these, they look great!
    Best Iain

  5. A scruffy and murderous bunch. Thanks for the film reference, I must hunt that down on YT.

  6. a colorful riot they are, Clint! I can hear the din they are no doubt raising! you are just missing a rambunctious lot of camels!;)