Monday, 6 March 2017

From Nick J - Spawn, Rats and Packmaster (79 points)

Once Upon a Little & Large...

Made it back safely from the U.S. and as March dawns I'm now way behind on my painting challenge!

So without further ado I present to you the Chaos Spawn Avengers... The What?... Yes well I seem to have accidentally painted homages to various Marvel Avengers whilst creating this squad.


Picture Proof? Well why didn't you ask?

Avengers Assemble!

Iron Spawn





See. You do see right? Not just me? I now want to paint more...

Oh and Miles - as I've painted a Hulk does that mean I get extra points for painting a Banner? I'll get my coat...

Whilst the Avengers are busy Assembling I also managed to paint the little element for this week. Here is a Skaven Packmaster
Normally he sits on a 25mm base but I'm planning to base all Leaders in the Pentagram Army on 40mm bases. He looks lost on a 40mm base so I found something for him to stand on!
I'm quite pleased with how he has come out considering he only had a couple of base colours on this morning!

You're probably thinking that the title of Packmaster suggests he has a pack to be master of. Right? Well for those not keen on rodents with long tails I would recommend looking away now.

Still here? Good.

Meet the Pack!
32 Giant Rats skittering along

There are 5 varieties of Rat in this pack including Black, Brown and White. Well I didn't want to get bored painting up 32 rats with the same colour scheme!

And here is the Packmaster surveying his brood.
In the land of the Rat the Packmaster is King!
And finally a picture showing the Little & Large of this week's submission
For scoring purposes I will of course leave that to the wonderful Miles, however, some size aid just in case!

Everything is 28mm scale.
Rats = 6mm = 0.5 pts * 32 = 16
Spawn = 40mm = 7 pts * 6 = 42
Packmaster = 28mm = 5
For a lovely total of 63 points.

So that should take me just over half-way to my target with only 2 weeks remaining. Well. That's going to be a challenge isn't it?

MilesR: really cool and spooky minis - I must say the rats gave me a bit of a shiver - not a fan of the real things but really like your rendition.  I'll run with your point total but will score the rats as 10mm figs as there's a good bit of details on the tiny things.  That'll net you 79 points in total.


  1. Fantastic stuff, those avengers aren't quite the ones from the films ;) I shall look forward to getting overrun by rats!

  2. Very, very cool. Those spawn are just terrific but that Packmaster on his vile boogieboard is the bomb. Wonderful work.

  3. I'm always a fan of swarms, and giant rats are no exceptions!

  4. Ewe! those look great and very disgusting. I won't show this one to my wife :)

  5. No mauve rats?

    Great work - these are the best "Avengers" I've seen... :)

  6. Nasty, brutish and a great post!
    Best Iain

  7. Very cool. Spawn for the spawn god. and Swarms for the swarm god. Great stuff. cheers

  8. I love those rats, big and small!

  9. Nice work Nick, but I won't sleep tonight.

  10. 32 rats is a lot of rats. Lovely nasty models.

  11. The Spawn are simply ace! i really like the style you went with them. My favorite is the packmaster. Not only does he have that wonderful skaven shepard crook, but you doid a great job on him! i think that pole helps him fit on that base!