Friday, 17 March 2017

From SanderS: More Dark Ages stuff (164 Points)


Since this will be my last regular post, I have some more in preparation for Curt to post during the weekend, it seems only fitting to sincerely thank our loyal and capable Friday Minion Phil, ably supported by Sylvain whenever necessary. It was great doing this Challenge together and I really value your feedback and fresh points of view on my work. Your continued goading kept me on my toes and producing to the last. It will remain exciting for me whether I will reach my end-goal of 1500 points though...

In order to try and reach my target of 1500 points I will submit a large part of my left over Dark Ages figures. Most of these are civilians and some animals, the larger part is from Gripping Beast with some others mixed in for good measure.

The shepherds:

Guys hauling stuff around:

The kids:

The ladies:


I also managed to get some of my Carolingian cavalry done. Since I will use them with Dux Britanniarum, they are grouped in 4 man units. I managed to get one of those finished today.

I really have learned to like these Carolingians and these cavalry are no exception. 4 more and a mounted champion are still in the works right now, let's hope I get them done in time.
Now on to the points, 4 mounted models is 40 points, the other 24 figures will get me another 120 points, together totalling 160 points.

Cheers and have a good last few days of Challenge time!


Ah you're very welcome Sander, it's been a pleasure shepherding and cheerleading the Friday crew including yourself as one of the stalwards, submitting an entry every week, I think? Goading though, surely not?! Just some gentle encouragement, and it's worked, with you pulling out all the stops for a big last Friday entry.
these will be nice table dressing or objectives, I like the shepherds with their crooks and their flock in particular. Those Carolingians are brilliant too, such a great colour scheme of red and bone. I'm going to top up your tally for the shield designs, as they look hand painted to me. Which puts you at 1341 towards your 1500 tally - it'll be down to the wire for sure! 
Best wishes,
Minion Phil


  1. Very nice Sander - love the hand painted shields and Dux will heartily approve also! Good luck for your sprint to the finish line :-)

  2. Grand job, Sander! I do like seeing the CoBs!
    The cav are very nice too, those shields are excellent!

  3. Excellent stuff. Those shields are the bomb! Cheers

  4. Wonderful stuff Sander. I have the cities and livestock too and they are very nice figures. Your have turned out very well. And those Carolingians with their styles helmets and lovely hand painted shields.