Friday, 17 March 2017

From VictorK: This is the end. Roman velites (54 pts)

Let's start with minis. After Gauls and Iberians these Romans are so boring. Also, I have to mention that this was a speed paint, about four hours for all of these. Couldn't have my target points not fulfilled.

3 groups of 8 velites and a commander with banner bearer. I have my Romans organised in "divisions" by shields color - red and white now, blue and green are to go.

That totals for 25 foot by 2 pts and 1 mounted for 4. 54 all in all, leaving me with 504 pts, making my target points reached.

So, this is the end of this great event. I've never participated in such activity, and you know what? It was AWESOME! Despite having not enough time, despite my... Ehm, timidity or shyness, (I don't know which word suits better) which stopped me from active chatting with all of you, guys. Despite painting much less than average participant... This was pure awesomeness. I was really encouraged by all the nice words and comments you left for my work. AHPC even made a huge breakthrough in my hobby activity - I've resumed working on my rules for regiment-scale WWII and even started to think about launching my own business around wargaming (rules for modern and near future, minis and special web-service for playing campaigns). This has a long way to go, but thanks for your participation in motivating me =)

Another word for Friday minions - you were really nice to work together.

Curt, you're a just hero for wargamers all around the world!

There is a belief or a stereotype about Russians, that we are both grim and hospitable. That's kinda true - we are hard to make friends with new people, we need time to get used to new societies. But as we understand these new persons, as we socialize for a bit of time, there could be no friendlier person than a Russian (sorry, if I just hurt someone, it's just a stereotype with some point behind it). So it is with my participation - I WILL take part in the next AHPC and I'm sure I will be more incorporated into the event.

Thanks a lot, guys (and happy St. Patrick's Day)!

Such heartwarming words Victor, sounds like it's been a really successful challenge for you personally. each of us participated in some ways - some only painting, others commenting and socialising, and others no doubt some just watching all the great entries pop up on the blog. What's really amazing, is that Curt has nurtured such a welcoming event, where such a big and diverse group can enjoy in the ways that they choose. I'm thrilled that you're back working on your own ruleset and considering a wargaming business - do keep us updated on how that goes.  
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like your distinctive style on these 15mms. These might be a bit more ordinary compared to the Gauls, but htye look mighty fine to me.  
54 Points, and congratulations from me on meeting your target in your last (?) entry. I certainly look forward to you joining us for the next. 


  1. Well done Victor, top effort reaching your target. I was fortunate to visit St Petersburg a couple of years ago, the most beautiful City I have ever seen, great friendly people too.

  2. Lovely painting Victor and congrats on exceeding your target as well as surviving your first Challenge :)

  3. Great job Victor - they look great!
    And well done on making your target :-)

  4. Victor, it was a pleasure having you with us this year, treating us with your lovely miniatures. Congratulations on meeting your personal target, well done! Now that you are a hardened Challenge veteran we will expect to hear more from you next time out. :o) Seriously, my hat is off to anyone who is not a native English speaker. The way that we prattle on, I can't imagine if it were me reading it as a second/third language. My hat is off to you, sir.

    Until next time.

  5. Very nice detail on the 15's, Victor! I like the use of color on the shields. It has been a pleasure to have you along this season too.
    Congrats on achieving your points goal too, I missed mine by a few points. Good luck with your business venture too!

  6. Congrats on hitting your target. Come back next year and don't be so shy!
    Oh and great looking figures too!