Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday Minion, One More Time

Well, we're almost there. The finish line is in sight. Curt will take over to curate the final burst of posts, so do please keep them coming over the weekend. 

I feel dogs have featured heavily over this challenge, so to bring some balance, have cat

The esteemed Friday Crew have drafted up a whole bunch of lovely stuff that I get to share with you, including:
  • KenR with Moroccan Regulares and cavalry for the SCW and baddies for his 'Blake's Seven' project
  • Sander still in the Dark Ages
  • A whole miscellany throughout the ages from GrahameH
  • VictorK with some Roman Velites
  • ...and a guest appearance by Curt (which is already up - cheeky Curt!)
Will that be it? Or will Keith sweep in at the last with another selection of fantasy monsters? 

And with that, I'll just say thanks to the Friday crew for all your hard work, excellent painting, words and good humour: AndrewB, ChristopherSm, EricM, GrahameH, IanW, JamesonP, KeithS, KenR, MartinN, MattT, MikeA, ReneA, RobH, SanderS, StefanK, SteveM and VictorK. You might not have the sheer productivity of the Monday Crew (part of me is glad of that, I'll admit), but you all made it through the Challenge Cut, and Grahame and Eric are representing in the top 10, as the standings currently stand. 

Finally, thanks to my co-minion, Sylvan for stepping in when I wasn't able, and Curt for masterminding the fun and shenanigans of the Challenge as a whole this seventh time. 


  1. Excellent stuff Phil! Have a great last lap and thanks to you and Sylvain for all your help this year. I will probably have something else for you later in the day.

  2. Thanks Phil and Sylvain, you were great!

  3. Cheers Phil and Sylvain, thanks for all your work keeping the Team Friday posted and pointed.

  4. I'll repeat myself - Phil and Sylvain, you were great to work with! Thanks a lot for your time!

  5. Great job Phil. I was only Robin to Batman.

  6. You've done a great job with the Friday Minioning chaps - and now you can deservedly put your feet up for the weekend, when you're not finishing up your own final submissions of course :)