Thursday, 16 March 2017

Gendarmes and a drummer Iain W Ready! (40pts)

Final Thursday post and I have 3 mounted figures and 1 infantryman all in 28mm, however what these chaps do is finish off units , I had 3 units of Foundry Gendarmes all short 1 figure, extension building on my house means spending is at least temporarily curtailed. I remembered I had some late 15th century horsemen of unknown make purchased from Ebay, horses were a problem, the Perry plastic horses I was going to use were just too dynamic next to the Foundry horses. So what I have ended up doing is a "cut and shunt" Warlord ECW horses which I like , heads cut off and replaced with Perry armoured heads from their plastic kit and barding likewise, a bit of hacking and gluing and job done!

They are not too dynamic and I think fit in well enough with the Foundry Gendarmes ( who's colour schemes I mostly pinched from James Roach/Olicanalad's brilliant Italian wars armies) I've added an overpainted flag for each unit as well.

I've also painted a drummer, a perry plastic figure from their fantastic continental mercenaries box. With a metal Swiss head.

I needed him to complete a unit.

They are a really lovely plastic set!
 In addition to getting me to paint figures , the challenge has encouraged me to get the figures out of storage that I have been painting for the last 3 years and wrapping and almost forgetting about them, I've started basing my 144 Spanish , my Landsknechts and my artillery, all painted and lying in cardboard boxes waiting for the challenge to release them. So thank you very much Curt!
Working on my Curtgeld which will be my last entry . This post also means I have reached my target.
All the best
Iain W

Iain, this is a very nice send off and with accompanied army pictures too! The splendid job of conversions is only made better by the brushwork following. Those gendarms are really grand and with three regiments, I think someone is about to hear" the delicate sound of thunder" !
The masses of pike are pretty slick too!
When I first started this challenge a few years ago I had a massive case filled with an army often used, but never painted. I finished most of it that first season. Curt told me that THAT is what this is all about....and jokes, deadlines, camaraderie, and the sheer spectacle of miniatures on parade.
It is an impressive amount of Italian War stuff you have kicked out this season. The pictures above speak well for the effort. The fact that they were in storage for so long just makes the achievment all the sweeter! And we still have a few days to go....a Curtgeld and a regiment or two? ;)


  1. Absolutely terrific work Iain. I do like your solution to the horses - they look very good. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the Challenge. I wish I had been a better opponent for you our Renaissance Duel, but nonetheless I hope it helped to spur you on your rediscovery and expansion of your collection. Well done!

    1. Thanks Curt, yes I've really enjoyed the side duel, now I'm prepping another 100+Swiss pikes!
      Best Iain

    2. You're a machine! Terrific stuff. :)

  2. Nice work Iain - congrats on reaching your target :)

  3. Great group shot at the end!

  4. Congratulations on hitting your target Iain!

  5. Great stuff and that's a big stack of Pikes. cheers

  6. Lovely stuff Iain. I love the McGyvered horses. I've really enjoyed your work in tis year's challenge, it's been very inspiring.