Thursday, 16 March 2017

Thursday and the Final Four!

Yes, that may be confusing for the basketball fans as everyone( except I) in the States are doing the final tweaks to their March Madness NCAA basketball brackets.
I'm busy trying to crest 1000 PTs and sort what I'm taking to Adepticon!
So far Aaron and Benito have some posts ready for my last day Minioning. I'm sure the rest will be along shortly. If they don't I will have to fill Thursday with a selection of 80's Metal and Punk just to fill! ;)
It will be odd to roll through a Thursday without Undead, LotR, Napoleonics, Romans, 7YW, and WW2 goodies; however, my wife sez she has a lengthy Honey-do list to occupy my white space in time hacks. 
I keep wondering how the AHPC could get any better, but it does. It is the highlight of my winter months and I've been blown away by the volume of miniature eyecandy once again. 
Every year is filled with wargaming goodness and my wish list grows yet again!  Although circumstances diminished my output and commentary, it has been a very enjoyable year.
 I've even enjoyed my kids striving to complete their models and frequent questions on "How do I..." Although Nina broke the ice, they are frantic in trying to make their stuff "perfect". They are in a panic to complete them before Sunday too! ;)
So, the end is nigh...get those brushes working! Let's see if Thursday crew can keep me busy! 

Hopefully this will get the blood pumping! ;) 


  1. Have a great final day of Minionship David. I will have a small post later today.

  2. Have good last minioning day David :)

  3. Thanks for all your hard work, Minion David. Two final entries ready for you, if it's not too late.

  4. Have a brilliant day of it David!