Thursday, 16 March 2017

FRIDAY Tribute to DavidB: Home of Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru

For those who may have missed it, this was my entry for our 'Home' theme this year, but more importantly it is also my gift to David for his fabulous efforts as our Thursday Minion. I wanted to have a clean sweep of tributes this week so it's getting some extra press.

As many of you know David is an enthusiastic supporter of the Painting Challenge. He always has something complimentary and supportive to say for each of the hundreds of entries that roll-in each year. He really is a boon to the whole event. Thanks David.

David and I are both huge fans of Star Wars, and as such I thought a quiet scene from Tatooine might spark for him the nostalgia for the early days of the Skywalker saga. 

As I mentioned in my original post, these started as 3D computer designs which I re-scaled, edited and mashed before printing them off.

I hope you like this little vignette David - it was a lot of fun to work on. Thanks again for your all your good-natured help during the Challenge. I hope we see both you and your brood for next year's edition.

Yup, pretty much my expression the FIRST time I seen this piece. I'd use an actual photo of myself, but Potawatomi don't really have the proper complexion for blushing!  ;)

Although I do like calling myself Darth Brom and I am pretty keen on all things Vader and stormtrooper, Luke is my favorite character as he has never stopped trying. He also initially sought adventure far from his small universe on an isolated moisture farm in the desert. He discovered a huge universe bigger than his imaginings with vast shades of grey dividing black and white. I do think(considering the last movie and his place of hermitage)he thinks of home. The distance of time with the passing of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru has diminshed the faces, but the happy thoughts and childhood dreams have seeped into the farm and the long sold speeder both of  which will always be home and where the heart resides.
Thank you very much, Curt! This little bit of Home will have pride of place in my Star Wars case! 


  1. Delighted you like it. Thanks again David!

  2. Good to see this scene again and a fitting tribute for Darth B :)

  3. It's a lovely little scene. Well done David and thanks a lot!
    Best Iain

  4. Great work Curt. You have been having fun with your new toy haven't you!

    And hats off to Darth Brom for a great job minoring through heavy work duties, long marches and car wrecks.