Wednesday, 8 March 2017

In Honour of International Women's Day: Boudicca FTW! *No Points*

Sorry for horning-in on today's entries, but I wanted to submit something in honour of International Women's Day. These figures will not count for points as they're from several years ago, but I thought they were apropos for the day. 

I had decided to do something in homage to the great illustration by Angus McBride depicting a Briton chariot team.

I know Warlord produces a great set which models this specific scene, but I wanted something a bit different, perhaps a little more ferocious, with Boudicca celebrating an early victory over the Romans. So with that in mind I pulled a charioteer from another boxed set to depict a 'show off' charioteer. The figure was originally designed to have a sword and shield in his hands but I decided to reposition him as if we were hauling on the reins of the horse team. 

I first removed his sword and drilled out his fists so I could thread thin plastic rod through to simulate the reigns. I then slightly repositioned his arms and legs and pinned him into place. I think it worked out pretty well though I need to go back and give him some woad tattoos (I ran out of time before the submission deadline).

I really like the figures of the children running alongside the chariot team. I painted the dog in homage to our own little scamp Felix.

Felix plotting mischief...
These rather daunting Celtic ladies were fun to paint as well. 

That, m'dear, that's a real close shave...

Perhaps a bit militant for International Women's Day, but sometimes a lady has to take things into her own hands to get noticed. Boudicca FTW!


  1. Definitely for the win! :)

  2. It's an awesome bunch of miniature mayhem. Top work and great to see it again. cheers

  3. Great post Curt. My favourite Wargame title was an SPI game on the Iceni revolt "Hell Hath No Fury"

  4. Absolutely stunning painting!

  5. Smashing stuff and worthy of posting on the day.

  6. Brilliant vignette and a great acknowledgement of the day - coincidentally, Reilly is studying Boudicca at school at the moment

  7. Fine Work. Love that Chariot.

  8. Very nice! Good work on the reins as well

  9. Excellent all around, Curt! I did show this to my daughters on Womans day and found out that the school taught my daughter kolleen all about Boudicca that day!
    She is very taken by the idea of a Celtic force! ;)


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