Monday, 20 March 2017

From TeemuL: Last Odds and Ends (61 points)

Ok, so the Blogger ate my entry. Quick rewrite, much shorter than the original.

German Shepherds?
Odds Ends has been my running theme this year, so let's continue with that. Here are 6 Lizard Nazis from Crooked Dice. With these 6 my Crooked Dice Nazi force is all painted - there were 3 Human Nazis painted earlier in the Challenge and 3 before.

3 Different sculpts, one with MP40, one with MP-40 and cigarette and one with Stub Gun.

I used the again the camo scheme on these, camo pants and white collar shirt with tie looks crazy enough for (Lizard) Nazis.


This is my 3rd Challenge and 3rd time I post Mouflon Sheep from Warbases. Good for objectives or giving some life to battle boards?


Then the rest of the Gorechosen, three other pieces of the game - the Slaughterpriest was the first one. I didn't feel like finishing these, because they were so detailed and large, but the final day of the Challenge finally inspired me to finish them. I happy now, they are finished.

Skullgrinder, Aspiring Deathbringer and Exalted Deathbringer - GW really knows how to give names? :)

Then some scary closeups...

I'm glad I just read an article about drybrushing the flames, it was really useful.
I like the cloths on all three, but couldn't get a good focus
Some fresh scars on the back, first highlighted with brown, then with reds.
8 times 25mm and 3 times 40mm should give me nice 61 points, which don't really matter, since I'm over my target anyway. 

Thanks Curt, minions and fellow painters, see you next year! P.S. It's time to start thinking about the theme of the next year, I was sure the VII would be about the 7 deadly sins, but it wasn't... :D


You know Teemu, funny thing is I was THIIIIS close to doing the Seven Deadly Sin, but watching the news was enough to spoil my interest on that subject. The topic of camaraderie won out in the end, big time and I'm happy I stuck with it. :)

The animals and Chaos dudes are excellent (great scars btw) but the Lizard Nazis are the bomb! I love these guys, especially the one with the MP-40 and cigarette. (How the hell does a lizzard smoke a cigarette with no lips? Who cares! It's just cool.)

A great final entry Teemu. As you've tabulated, this lot will give 61points. 

Until next year then? :)


  1. Camaraderie was a good choice, funny that I was so close. :)

    Lizard Nazis are cool, Zombie Nazis are so last season. I bought them after Brexit, when Crooked Dice had some sale. I don't know who they will be fighting against, may be they take part in the alternative history Spanish Civil War? ;)

    Until next year, now it is time to relax, build terrain and play games for the next nine months.

  2. Very nice work Teemu!

    I'm so glad you were able to rewrite the post - that was something really weird that went on last night when I went to minion it.

    As always it's been great having you with us in this Challenge and hopefully you'll be back for more in AHPC8 :)

    1. Yeah, I read your posts this morning and I managed to rewrite the text almost just in time (I think it was minute late). I don't know what happened, but luckily the photos were already on my blog site, so it was easy to just link them and write some text. And yes, looking forward the next year!

  3. Great job Teemu. Your varied submissions were a real treat.

    Lizard it!

    1. Thank you Greg! Varied entries give less points, but are more interesting to paint. Happy that you liked them - and lizard nazis. :)

  4. Sheep herding cigarette smoking Nazi Lizards - wow!

  5. Lizard people look excellent. Great stuff. cheers