Monday, 20 March 2017

Caution... Wallah at Work!

Righto you lot. I know exactly what you're thinking... the Challenge is over and has been for a couple of hours and Millsy *still* hasn't got the Side Duels sorted! See? I can read minds!

Rest assured that the machinery has been set in motion, the mystical symbols are being consulted and most importantly I've put the kettle on. Stay tuned a couple of days people and once I've sifted through the mad rush that is the Last Days of the Challenge (with added important capitals no less) we'll have some Side Duels and Challenges results to report.

Millsy the Side Duels Wallah


  1. Haha! That is an awesome picture Millsy. You're doing a tremendous job. Thanks a bunch. And I have something for you as well, sir.

  2. Come on! Less of this faffing around putting the kettle on - it doesn't look good on you anyway! ;)

    Now, get those side duel results up! :)

    1. You know what he is like if he has to count to more than 21

  3. Cant get the staff these days...

  4. If I interpreted the final days of posting correctly, Millsy is being eaten by lions...?

  5. Putting the kettle on is always a good start. Good luck with adjudicating the duels and surviving the lions Millsy - not sure which is more dangerous.