Monday, 6 February 2017

Monday - Just Another Points Barrage

That's right - it's Monday and I'm back from the Turks but about to head out to the UK.  This work thing has got to go!

Big Monday is back with over nine action filled posts that are just brimming with painting gold.

That's right kids, you better dig those foxholes another foot deeper cause we just aint got one or two points bombs - we're coming at you with the big guns - there are more than 6 100+ points bombs on tap for today.

Your ears surely will be ringing when this Monday Barrage of Pigments comes to a close.

Can I back up this hyperbole - oh yeah, 'cause we got:

- SYW Russian Infantry and Calvary Hordes

- Indians in the Sudan

- Donnybrooke Laboreres

- Teeny tiny bad ass horsemen

- Archers, lots of archers

- Sci FI stuff

- Handcast Miniatures that will scare the Perry's back to warm embrace of GW Employment

- A rather highly evolved Frog

and more, so much more

Perhaps the only way to really describe Monday in an accurate and sober assessment is to cry out "BOOM, BABY, BOOM!"

Oh how sad it must be to be another day of the week - when you know you've got to follow up after the Monday show.

In fact, I think it will be safe to say that you all will be THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!!

Ok, I know I used this clip last year, but it still seemed appropriate.


  1. Happy to be part of the Monday Maniacs and contribute to Operation Points Bomb :)

    1. Do you think today's lead in was a little over-the-top? I thought it was rather on the understated side.

    2. Suitably understated I think. I mean, I know the likely area effect of my submissions and I can only imagine the devastation that DaveD and MartinC might inflict.

      And then there's the general mischievous damage that Ray could be up to...

      Yup, definitely understated :)

  2. Just finished my submission.. hopefully you shall have a chance to review and post it today.

    1. It's posted - I gave you 6 bonus points, 1 for the flag and 5 for the shields

    2. I've entered the data in the spreadsheet but can't cut-n-paste the score summary - you'll see your score adjusted when the Tuesday guys make their updates. That is if they show up. It must be very difficult to always follow the magnificence of Monday.

  3. Go Team Monday... blow the other days out of the water..

  4. Thats a good version of a classic song, but any real AC/DC cover band needs to be Australian!