Monday, 15 January 2018

From BenitoM: Austrian Napoleonics Vienna Volunteers Battalion (20 pts)

A very busy week at home and at the office and I could only display my painting tray on Friday evening. For this reason this week's contribution to the Challenge is rather small an additional company for my Vienna Volunteers militia battalion.

Despite that I still maintain my goal of present 1 submission per week, even if it's as modest as this one.  As in the previous submission, these are Victrix plastic minis with some militia spare heads from my Perry boxes.

And this is how the battalion is looking by now.

One more company and the first battalion will be concluded (with General d'Armee, I'm using 4 companies per "standard" or regular sized battalion = 16 models).

So it's 4 models in 28mm x 5 points = 20 points.
Hopefully next week I'll come back with a better output.

Have a great week all participants 


Great work, Benito!!  The Vienna Volunteers are coming along really very nicely indeed.  As we saw in your last submission, they are a perfect balance to the overwhelming white uniforms of so many other Austrian units, and will look terrific on the tabletop.

Your goal of one submission each week is a fantastic one.  I was emailing Curt the other night about the same thing.  It's all about trying to get a momentum, and into the swing of weekly submissions.  Climbing a lead mountain, or paddling with the flow of the Challenge, is all about that rhythm - and, by goodness, you certainly have both momentum and rhythm a-plenty, as well as great quality!

(Of course, all these helpful encouragements have been derived by me through watching OTHER people paint in previous Challenges, and not by me looking in the mirror!)

Also, on a personal note, I love the colours of your bases.  Is there a secret Anibal Invictus recipe for that you might share with the other Challengers and me?  I'd love to have a go at replicating those colours.

And, yes, these fine volunteers will add a very worthy, and thoroughly well deserved (and consistent) 20 points to your total for Challenge VIII.  Well done indeed, Sir!


  1. Nice Austrians, lovely painting, little and often is my mantra, it doesn't always work out like that but it's good to aim at!
    Best Iain

  2. Inspiring stuff Benito, well done.

  3. I'm loving the progress on the Volunteers Benito. Well done.

  4. You're just bashing these out Benito! Lovely work - very clean and crisp.

  5. The Battalion is coming along nicely, Benito!
    I do like those grey coats. That is a sharp uniform!

  6. Submission a week gives nice goals and softly forces to keep painting and finishing stuff. I do it as well, have been doing it in all of my Challenges so far. :)

  7. Really well turned-out troops, Benito, these are among my favourite Napoleonics of the Challenge!

  8. Very consistent quality work!