Thursday, 4 January 2018

From MarkW: 28mm Studio Mcvey Sedition Wars Samaritan (5 points)

Hi Everyone,

It is the first time in the challenge for me and really looking forward to attacking the pile of metal and plastic and sharing the progress with you all. At only 500 points, I don't have the biggest target in the world but its going to be a stretch.

Today was supposed to be the big kick off, with a good sized unit of Studio Mcvey's Samaritan troopers from the game Sedition Wars.

In true challenge style I have been busy hitting the paints only to complete all the painting,  all the miniatures and the bases only suddenly realise I was going to miss the first deadline gluing them together.

So instead of 17 miniatures that were planned - I have one, but hopefully this means next weeks submission will be a lot easier. 5 points is 1% of the target, so not the worst start in the world.

It's the first time in years to truly break out the paints, so I am aiming for a quick, easy and relatively simple scheme.

This is my favourite shot; making it seem like he is backing off from something just out of shot. I have plenty of very gribbly creatures to paint up from the Sedition Kickstarter so will definitely pose a few scenes in the future.

The sculpts are first rate, but really let down by the restic material and my overzealous use of the spray cans in basing - giving the slightly roughened appearance.

Looking forward to a bigger update next week.


A huge welcome to the Challenge Mark!  And I note that you've immediately stumbled across the exact same issue that I (and many others I have no doubt) have in the challenge, namely the fact that time always seems to move faster the closer to the deadline you get......
But what a brilliant start - the blue visor is a wonderfully cool counterpoint to the warm armour tones. I'm also a fan of the "If I walk away from the large beastie I've just discovered then I have more time to shoot it with my plasma gun" pose this brave chap has struck.
Sedition Wars mostly passed me by, but I do like the look of a lot of the sculpts so I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.
It's also great to hear that the lure of the challenge has you at your paints again after a hiatus, I'm sure that'll warm the cockles of Curt's heart to hear as it's the primary aim of the challenge - 5 points as you correctly surmise and you're off and running!


  1. Lovely hard sci fi stuff! I like the simple scheme with a few spot colours.

  2. Nice finish, reminds me of 2000AD stuff, deadlines tell me about it!
    Best Iain

  3. Welcome to the challenge Mark. Deadlines are the worst! Fine work on this figure and looking forward to more.

  4. Nice work on the armour, Mark - look forward to seeing his comrades!

  5. You have to be in it win it Mark. Great start and welcome. Go Team Thursday

  6. Welcome to the challenge He's cool

  7. Not familiar with this range but it looks great

  8. Welcome to the madhouse Mark! One mini or 20, it's still a start and a great one at that.

  9. First, welcome to the Challenge Mark! It's great to see you breaking the ice with this figure. It's a great looking mini. I especially like the anime colour combination for the armour and undersuit - very cool.

  10. I’ll join in with the welcomes Mark! The Challenge last year got me restarted with painting so I know that feeling well.

    This chap looks great. Nice armour and liking the visor spot colour.

  11. Welcome to the challenge, Mark! As has been noted...I too like the warm sickly green armor with the red brown undersuit. The cool aqua visor really counterpunches it well.
    I've heard of sedition wars, but this is the first mini from that I've seen. This one seems to be a finely sculpted piece!