Thursday, 4 January 2018

From NickJ: AoS Ungor Raiders (101 points)

Once Upon a Christmas Break

Well it finally had to happen; I actually managed to have time off work between Christmas and New Year for the first time this Century.

Naturally I celebrated with some painting and the Wife seemed happy for me to be locked away in the spare room...

I'm a confirmed Games Workshop-A-Holic and I tend to side with the forces of Chaos in both Age of Sigmar and 40K. I work in IT; Chaos is what gets us out of bed in the middle of the night.

So onto the submission to keep my Minion happy (he's been nagging me all day) - for those wondering I've known Jamie the Thursday Minion for 15+ years so expect some ribbing! What I'm enjoying most is everything he gets to Minionate for me he knows he will end up fighting soon... :-)

So this week please stand up and welcome the Ungor Raiders.

These 20 fine fellows are the low caste of the Beastmen; runts of the litter as it were. But they have missile weapons and those are like gold dust in the Chaos forces!

I've painted them with Citadel paints with the skin tone being purple washes over a light skin base. Any "highlights" are caused naturally by the combination of the base and washes rather than any planning on my part!
Considering these guys are the runts they don't half have a big banner. And what's more it has more skulls on it than the Skull God's Chariot of Skull Collecting.
My army is made up of 5 separate factions all painted differently. The banners and bases are what ties them all together. I really like how colourful it all looks on the tabletop - nothing beats seeing fully painted armies lined up ready for war in my opinion. Well maybe Cheese on Toast but I suspect I'm digressing...

So that's 20 x 28mm figures which should net me a cool 100 points.

And if all goes to plan I've also got something sorted for the Saturday Flight Bonus round! It'll be my first ever bonus success so here's hoping I can get the basing done before Saturday.

Sadly it's back to work now so most likely something new every couple of weeks as I'll naturally slow down.

Thanks for reading this far!!

"Oh Mr Tumnus, it's jolly spiffing to be back in Narnia and so I've brought ginger beer and marzipan cakes to celebrate...... oh look, I see you've brought some new friends Mr Tumnus..... but why do they need nasty looking bows Mr Tumnus......?  And is it just me or do they look a little angry.....?"

An excellent set of chaotic loonies Nick, these certainly ain't the fauns CS Lewis had in mind!  They look like a right ticked off bunch of chaps.  That purple skin recipe is working as well as ever and really helps bring out the expressions on the faces in particular.  I'm a fan of the brighter blue that draws the eye and the muted basing and fur scheme works very nicely to balance it all out without it being overpowering.

100 points for the chaps themselves and an extra point for the handpainted banner (awarded gleefully because I'm secretly hoping that the IT geek side of you gets twitchy with the total not being a round number). Oh and I reserve the right to retrospectively reduce the points quite considerably if they do well against me on the field of battle, which I think we can agree is eminently reasonable?



  1. Great brushwork Nick. As a fellow GW-addict, I salute your commitment, and while I generally find the sculptors at GW are increasingly losing the plot (see: Space Marines, Primaris or Guard, Death) these beasts still have a great look and feel, and your painting makes them look great.

    Let us know how we can help you hassle Jamie...

  2. Nice work Nick, the purple um hide tones and blue details pop. I suspect the size if the banner is closely linked to the size of Trumps button. Neatly spit out my tea over the Narnia reference.

  3. Go makes some brilliant figures and these are painted brilliantly if only they (GW) weren’t so... evil ;)

  4. They look fantastic and rather nasty if I say so

  5. Great job! Excellent choice of color combination! They look really menacing!

  6. Great colours, nasty brutes, lovely job!
    Best Iain

  7. Very nice indeed. A bold palette which you've used to perfection!

  8. Great colours and execution!

  9. My first Warhammer Fantasy army was Beastmen and so I've always had a special (smelly) part of my soul reserved for them. I found Ungors hilarious as they seemed like perpetual Gor wannabees. I really like the purple-people-eater flesh tone and the overcompensating skull tartan banner (probably pinched from a girl's school). Great work!

  10. Thanks all! I really like the Beastmen and fingers crossed GW do a whole new army book with more units for them sometime soon!

    And Greg let’s plan the Jamie Hassle 😀

  11. They look great Nick - love the colours!

  12. A bold choice but damme if you didn't carry it off splendidly - great work, Nick!

  13. What a novel idea to use a different colour than brown, very nice!

  14. Great stuff! I'd missed that these guys could have bows... you may have just sold me on some skirmish support ;)

  15. Wonderful work on the beast men runts! I like the colors you picked and the handprint ed banner 8s just pure win!