Thursday, 4 January 2018

Thursdays Minion is.... full of excitement!

Good morning/afternoon/evening* (*delete as applicable for your selected time zone) all!

What an exciting day for me to be a minion as the Thursday crew have really come up trumps with some great posts for today.  Do you know how excited I am? About as excited as Mr Motivator!

Image result for mr motivator
Seriously, if you aren't from this fair isle, do take the time to go hunt him down on YouTube.... heck, do a workout to get yourselves going, I'll wait..... you're welcome!

Anyway, so far today we have some cracking posts planned, including....
  • AnthonyO going Commando
  • GregB painting up some troops for the Emperor (which Emperor you ask? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!)
  • MarkW gets all seditious on us in his first post (so looks like he'll fit right in!)
  • NickJ treats us to some Satyr-ical work
So stay tuned and we'll see what else pops up over the curse of the day for your viewing pleasure.


  1. And a good morning to you Thursday! Mr Motivator? Oh dear God... I’ll get my leotard...

  2. You go Jamie! You really are on a roll(ator.

    Cheers Sander

  3. I just watched some Mr Motivator- I'll have what he's having!

  4. Welcome Team Thursday, after a night shift I have just put an entry on to keep you busy Jamie.

    The only thing Mr Motivator, motivated me to do was punch the Tele! I have been transported back in time to the world of the Green Goddess and Mad Lizzie, I need a lie down.

  5. Glad we have you pumped up Jamie!

  6. Great opening byline Jamie! I hope you had fun with your first day of Minioning.