Saturday, 13 January 2018

From TeemuL: Metal Guard (35 points)

Here I jump into the world of Warhammer 40000. I used to play the game quite lot in the 3rd and 4th edition, but then friends moved, real jobs started, girls got into the everyday life and so on...

The 8th edition kind of simplifies the rules, but with the huge codexes and lots of special rules of units, I'm not sure anymore. Nevertheless after one demo game I decided to give it a try and started painting old metal figures I have had for ages. The purpose was join a local slow grow league, but long period of flu on all family members, work travels and other things said no. Third round of the league starts next week and I still don't have my army on the size of the first week. Well, after I realized I won't be able to get my paintings done in time, I have painted something else. Anyway, I'd like to finish (or at least continue, as the proper saying goes) my project, so here is a Cadian command group.

I'm not using them as Cadians, I will be using mixed group of Astra Militarum, including Cadian, Tallarn, Valhallan and Mordian (Sanders, they are coming), but painting them all in the similar colors to tie them together.

They are all old metal miniatures, with some small changes. The one guy on the lascannon base has a plastic backpack, which has a nice antenna, so he is now a vox caster, or how was it call. The sergeant/lieutenant guy had an accident, when I was stripping paint. He lost his original sword in the process, so I used the opportunity to give him a nasty looking chainsword.

The current rules say, that there must be a company or platoon commander for each command squad (earlier versions of rules used to have 5 men command squads with officer included), so here's one. To add more the mix, he is a Valhallan officer, I believe.

There is a story behind the mixing units and chosen colors, but I just haven't written it yet, so keeping it secret. :) I believe you can handle the tension. This last picture shows the commander and command squad together, you can see that the unified color scheme ties them nicely together.

4x28mm figures and 1x28 crew served weapon should give me 30 points, if I understood the crew served weapon part correctly.

Next there will be some Oldhammer for Age of Sigmar (and hopefully a Big Freaking Gun).


Splendid work Teemu, a lovely group and we are all looking forward to the great reveal of the secret paint recipe.  I love that commander's hat, it lends a certain Cossack feel to the unit.  That's a pretty big lascannon too and must have been a contender for next week's bonus round, so I can't wait to see what you have found that is bigger!  I make it 5 x figures and a weapon so that's 35 points for this submission. 


  1. Everything starts somewhere Teemu and these are no exception. Now you've got something done hopefully you can really kick on! Nice conversion on the officer with the chainsword...

  2. Nice mix of figures unified by your colour scheme!
    Best Iain

  3. Great figures, 40k has a very nice background and your force looks like it just fits right in...

  4. The colors do unify them well, Teemu! I like the newer lascanon mounted on the old weapon chassis. Looks very intimidating and easi r to port than the the tripod mounted version! ;)

  5. Great to see some of that old metal getting a new lease on life, well done Teemu!

  6. Every journey starts with a single step and these are a terrific stride forward in your collection, Teemu.

  7. Thank you all! The lascannon is a big gun and I don't know if can get bigger than that on the challenge, but I just couldn't wait with this one, because it was ready. :)