Saturday, 13 January 2018

From AlexS: An Estate Villa or усадьба (45 points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia, and I'm a loser. After the solemn dropping of the paint bomb last week, I decided to paint 300+ miniatures, thereby closing the required number of points. Then tell everyone:

And before March 21, drink vodka, play a balalaika and ride a bear.  But instead I went for a walk with the children, ate, slept and talked about moving to a new apartment. So today is just a small addition.
Russia before the revolution and industrialization was an agrarian country. 90 percent of its inhabitants lived in villages.
Even the nobles had houses in the countryside, which were called "усадьба" (estate, villa), and lived in these houses part of the year. In front of you is a photograph of the most famous estate of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. For such buildings, there is an entrance with columns and a balcony.

I decided to do something like that with my own hands. I also added a kennel and a barn.

Then I painted these structures for a long time. I used both an airbrush, a brush, and a dry brush, but I'm still not very satisfied with the result of my work. But, I think, on the table, from a long distance it will look normal. Especially if you decorate everything with miniatures.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope this post gave you interesting information about architecture in Russia and now you know that there were not only "izba"

2 piece 6"x 6"x 6" terrain - 40 points


I always look forward to your posts Alex, they are always so creative and funny - not to mention informative.  I really like the усадьба with its grand balcony and it certainly looks the part when defended by the nobles.  Your imaginative use of materials and painting are really bringing this period of history alive for me, thank you.  Thank you also for the handy addition of the rule to help with the awarding of points.  I am more than happy with your assessment, but it doesn't seem enough to me so I am awarding a bonus 5 points for the scratch building over the three structures, giving you 45 points for this entry.


  1. Nice scratchbuilt terrain Alex :)

  2. Lovely work on this усадьба!

    And is there a Cherry Orchard just out the back...?
    ; )

  3. That is utterly splendid Alex! Love the rustic overgrown look.

  4. Lovely scratch builds Alex! Many uses for those I think.

  5. Lovely bit of scratch building! Very characterful.
    Best Iain

  6. That's absolutely stunning scratchbuild terrain!

  7. Nice work on the scratch build, Alex! I like the time you spent on the timbers too! Some fine tabletop dressing!
    Perhaps not much done, but time with the kids is always entertaining and " WE ARE MAKING HAPPY MEMORIES, DAMMIT" as my wife usually informs me. There is plenty of time to punch bears in the taint anyway! ;)

  8. Excellent looking home made terrain Alex! I especially like the overgrown manor house. Very very nice.

  9. What a characterful summer house, Alex! I really like the greenery and climbing vines on the balcony and eves. Wonderful!

  10. I like the wood and the flora!

  11. Lovely terraine! If the old house did not inherit you, why not make it yourself?