Friday, 5 January 2018

From:PaulS: The Plague Garden (126 Points)

Sorry to do this to you Curt, but here are some more Nurgle models for you to score ;)

These are most of the Nurgle forces from the Blightwar starter set. Some additional bits and pieces are further back in the painting queue. With the new Nurgle models and rules coming in January, I suspect you will see a lot more in the coming weeks from many people... especially Great Unclean Ones... that thing is insane ;)

Leading this warband is Horticulous Slimux, riding his snail-demon Mulch. I really like the model, but had to make a few changes as the standard build has some weird bits on (nurgling on a fishing rod to guide the snail) and it definitely needed a less comedic paint job than the box version. The tree at the back has loads of little bits dotted around the bottom of the tree, including a small Audrey 2, but the top half felt a bit bare... so I've added a nurgling dancing on a branch as well as some severed heads from the Plaguebearer kit to the branches.

Following Horticulous is a band of Plaguebearers. Nothing special about this lot

There is also a set of Nurglings. The kit is supposed to make up 3 bases, but with a bit of careful placement and the inclusion of all those spare nurglings from the other plastic kits, I've managed to expand this from 3 bases to 7!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave scoring to you Curt as I'm not sure how you want to deal with the nurgling bases. There are 10 plague bearers (standard figure size), Horticulous on his large snail (probably single cavalry?) and the 7 bases of nurglings, which contain lots of smaller figures.


I'm typically not a big fan of Nurgle stuff, but when I see this kind of work, well, my preconceptions go out the window. 'Mulch' is absolutely awesome and I love the slight modifications you did, including the Nurgling riding shotgun. Also, good use of the spare bits to stretch our your bases from three to seven! I really like your controlled use of colour to bring some visual interest to the otherwise fairly drab palette.  

I'll never forgive GW for killing off the Old World and replacing it with with the Age of Sigmar, but when you see creative models like this it help salve the sting somewhat.

Lovely work Paul.

I'll count Mulch as a vehicle with a couple crew and round out the Nurglings on the mass bases as 15mm figures. Let's pitch the score at 126. Well done Paul!


  1. Thanks Curt! I actually quite like the new Warhammer worlds now they are starting to flesh them out into living, breathing things (which they should have been from the start...). City of Secrets is a great look at the new universe from a simple human's pov

  2. Paul, these figures are goresome! Very good painting making you the master of slimeyness for sure!

  3. Nice bunch of plague types, the snail is great!
    Best Iain

  4. Nice work... that snail is badass (not a phrase I ever expected to type)

  5. Excellent work on this pestilential crew, well done Paul!

  6. Great work on this infectious bunch of vermin.

  7. Really cool and disgusting (in a good way) stuff! Love Nurgle

  8. Disgusting, but in a good way!:-)


  9. Nice work, Paul! I quite like the pallet you selected for them and still made them look icky! Probably my two favorite GW swarms are snotlings and nurglings. Nice to see the nurglings still have the cavorting humor of the old sculpts! ;)