Friday, 5 January 2018

From Millsy: Boxer Terrain (30 points)

Just a quick terrain post whilst I beaver away on my first bonus round entry... 6 x 30cm canal sections and a pair of MDF bridges from TT Combat. I've been putting these off in favour of more interesting terrain builds for my 55 Days at Peking project so it's good to have them out of the way.

The bridges are functional, well made MDF kits that assemble relatively easily with a little patience. They span approximately 4" of space which is just right for the canal sections I wanted to make. I've based them to protect the ends and blend them into the surrounding terrain.

Testing things out...

The canal sections are 4" wide and 12" long giving me a neat span of 5 or 6 depending on how I configure my games tables. They consist of a base of 3mm MDF with another 3mm layer of scroll-saw cut MDF on top. The water is a greenish-black, darkening to the deeper middle which unfortunately doesn't show in the pics due to the gloss varnish.

The dimensions for this lot are a bit odd but all up things would easily will between one and two 6" cubes, so let's say one cube for 20pts and get back to something interesting :-)

Artist: The The
Album: Infected

Artist: Midnight Oil
Album: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Artist: The Cramps
Album: Stay Sick!, Look Mom No Head!



Ahh, some more great terrain for your Peking project, wonderful stuff Millsy. Those bridges are look quintessentially oriental - perfect for your growing setup. Just curious, how wide is the path over the bridge? Looks to be around 3-4 inches. Good for a decent sized maneuver element I'd expect.

Since the canal sections are a fine bit of scratchbuilding in of themselves, and you're over one cube anyway, I'm going to award you another 10 points for your efforts. 

Very nicely done, Millsy!


  1. I have the same bridges and they're very nice pieces of kit - yours have come out splendidly! Nice work on the canals too, nice water colour.

  2. It looks great Millsy - well done! The canals seem blue enough to be pleasant, but inky enough to be menacing...

  3. Very very nice work Millsy. The bridges are lovely, and as Curt says look distinctly Oriental and likely good for other Eastern projects as well. Love the canals, nice scratch builds and definitely multi-use. Like Greg, I wonder what lurks in the water- surely more than over fed Koi.

  4. Very good indeed mate! This will complement your scenery quite well!

  5. Love seening terrain! great work.

  6. Full marks and more for this excellent terrain (though I still believe you have made a pact with the Dark Powers in exchange for mad terrain-building skills)!

  7. Very nice mate - great match with all the other lovely terrain you've built this year for your project

  8. Nice work, Millsy! I think you'll need some wider canals for your tramp steamer though! ;)