Friday, 5 January 2018

From Millsy: Frostgrave Beasties (10 points)

In something of a coincidence I found myself painting a resin Reaper Bones Giant Worm at exactly the same time as EvanH. Not such a surprise I guess as he gave it to me and quite likely bought them as a pigeon pair.

What was a bit weirder was the fact I also painted mine purple. This says a fair bit about how we both think I guess. Unlike Evan, however, I find myself much less preoccupied with the bodily effusions of said creatures and settled for simply painting him a lovely shade of violet and giving him a suitably icy Frostgavesque basing scheme...

At the same time I painted Mr Worm, I also painted up an Ice Spider. In this case I decided to see if I could make a cheap-ass Christmas cracker toy look good enough for the table which I think I managed to achieve.

He's a nasty looking beast, especially given the "designer" elected to given him TEN legs. Go figure, but it does mean extra work chopping legs off for intrepid adventurers in the frozen city, thus making him 25% harder to kill.

And so I present "Ice Ice Spider", an ear worm if ever there was one to go with Mr Worm above...

And obviously this chap can't go without a Challenge tune to accompany them...

10 points of fun. Now back to some serious painting...



My good friend Doug has always been brilliant at twisting the lyrics of ridiculous pop songs into perverse (and often obscene) renditions. I remember him dancing around my uni apartment after seeing Vanilla Ice's video, singing, 'Lice, lice, scabies...doot, doot, doot, dee-da-doot-doot!'

Haha, I think its brilliant that both you and Ev painted that same worm almost the identical shade of purple. The only thing that would make it picture perfect for the set is if this one had a tissue proffered in it's maw. 

While the worm is great, I have to say that I really like how you did the blue and black of this 10-legged spider - especially the light grey dots on its back. Very eye catching (and makes my hand instinctively twitch for a can of RAID or something heavy to splat it with).

Nice bugs Mr. Mills - 10 points for you!


  1. Nice spider and worm Millsy :)

  2. That spider is awesome Millsy!

  3. Nice work... lots of us have that worm.

  4. Great work Millsy - that spider in particular gives the creeps...

    I just assumed "ice spider" was yet another exotic creature found only in your part of the world...

  5. Great looking worm, nasty looking spider!
    Best Iain

  6. A Nice Spider, erm, an ICE Spider! Ten legs don't make him harder to hit, it just gives you more target areas. And the colour scheme is brilliant.

    As for Mr Worm, well, that's a frosty interpretation of the beast alright - you can feel the cold radiating from him with that colour scheme!

  7. Love the worm, much less snotty that Ev's.

  8. Really great stuff! Very fun to see two excellent versions of the same figure in the Challenge. In all my years of RPGing I never unleashed a giant worm on the players, but seeing your and Evan's excellent work makes me regret it. Very well done!

  9. Nice work on the venomous vermin Millsy. I had assumed that some sort of giant purple land lamprey was a native Auusie critter, given both you and Ev did one.

  10. Love the blue on that spider Millsy!

  11. Great save on the toy spider!

  12. A lot of purple goodness Millsy!


  13. Apologies, Millsy, I do like Evans version better although your beastie doesn't lack in the ferocious department!
    I'll give you full marks plus for that spider though that 8s a wonderful job on a cheap toy...
    I'll have to deduct those points for sticking that horrible song back into my head. It took many hours of Metallica and Ozzy to purge it the last time! ;)