Friday, 19 January 2018

It's Friday and the Big Freakin' Gun Theme Opens Up in a Few Days

Hi Folks!

Friday the 19th is here and that means that the BFG theme round is only a few days away.

Right now Friday's looking a little thin on the ground, with only a couple of entries sitting in the hopper, so I'm hoping we'll see a few more of the Friday Follies making an appearance later on today. We'll see...  (flicks whip, twirls moustache)

Oh, and one more administrative matter: The month-in cut-off deadline is this Sunday at noon (CST). So, for those who have yet to submit an entry, please get me something by then so we can put you up on the scoresheet, otherwise the spooky IT guys wearing the clamshell helmets will be forced to engage the Delete Key of Doom.

See you all Sunday!



  1. Yikes - I’d better get my skates on! Not sure how that will speed my painting up, but I’m willing to give it a try....

    1. Certainly wearing skates while painting must make the work go faster (on top of being equally dangerous and ridiculous). :)

  2. I'm weeks behind, thanks to work selling my services and shipping me off to Manchester. At least it is better than last year and literally being sent to Coventry ;)

  3. Just submitted my BFG entry - cant wait to see what others come up too!