Saturday, 17 February 2018

From PeteF: Fyrd Is The Key (30 points)

A few more for Project 5 (SAGA) this week. Having more levy bowmen with bows will help pull the army together. The Anglo-Saxon warband is getting an overall greenish colour scheme - German Field Grey seems to work.

These are (I think) Warlord/Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd - there might be some Gripping Beast and other bits and pieces - I got a sprue to see if anything could be used for Game of Thrones conversions (Project 4) as well as for SAGA. I like the figures but found it hard to choose the right colours this week, especially for leather/browns - even with help from Painting War Dark Ages.

I was a bit time crunched this week so I went for simple shield designs.  In future I'll stick the shields on after painting the figures and shields.

Windsock Man
Productivity a little low lately - partly due to the latest project (12 - Basing Minifigs). My nephew kindly transported a bunch of British, Nassau, & Dutch Belgian troops - 25mm from the 1980s from the UK which are gradually going onto new bases (Can't count bases as terrain - can I?).

Now for a Gripping Beast order with the new SAGA rules. 

6 x 28mm foot = 30 points


Very nicely done Pete, the colour scheme really works to tie the unit together.  Cracking sculpts too, lots of dynamic poses and grim determination, splendid stuff all round.  


  1. Nice work Pete. I agree with Curt on the colours giving unit character.

  2. Very cool Pete. Love the standard bearer. I've always thought that style of banner to be very evocative of the period.

  3. Lovely looking dark age types!
    Best Iain

  4. That green is a very nice colour.