Tuesday, 20 February 2018

From: RussellG - 15mm 20th century warfare (178 points)

A few projects have been started but nothing finished to show off until these guys.

This week i present some 15mm goody's.

First up 2 anti aircraft guns from Forged in battle.

These are early/mid-war 88mm guns, which I painted the gun tractors for 2 years ago.

Very nice sculpts with excellent detail and very little if any flash,Ido however recommend using a good quality undercoat on the resin parts.

They have been left languishing in the lead pile as I already have a brace of 88's painted in this scale.

Next up are the neglected Airmobile infantry from Battlefront for the Vietnam version of Flames of war.

Now these poor chaps have been based and part painted before, then removed and cleaned up.Then they were abandoned for a few years. This is mainly due to the fact I have never been very happy with them, the sculpting is poor, the undercuts are too big leaving very fragile models, and the flash that was on them was bordering on ridiculous.

However, with the fact I had finished there opponent (the PAVN) last year, I felt obliged to do at least a basic paint job on them. This is not the complete force, I have some more that require attention before the brush goes near them.
I intend to finish them off next week and get a picture of them with the helicopters I painted a few years back.

A small but needed push towards my total

2 guns for 12 points
10 crew for 20 points
83 infantry for 146 points

178 points

Thank you for looking.

Hoi there Russel, great entry for this week! Battlefront has some really lovely work and some less lovely stuff, but you have managed to make them look ace my friend. The Vietnam conflict has some great opportunities for us painters and gamers and I have been looking at it for some time. So I am mighty curious as to what you will treat us on next week, specially them Choppers! Cheers Sander


  1. Nice 88s and always good to finish off the unit that bugs you!
    Best Iain

  2. your painting is better than your maths, you are 20 points short

  3. Like those early war 88s. Good to see that project that was in limbo get finished too.

  4. Love the 88s, excellent work with such tiny models

  5. I have a load of the Battlefront Vietnam stuff as well, so it's inspiring to see your good work here. Looking forward to more in the future!

  6. Excellent paint job, especially considering the models you had to work with. I hope they will see some table time to make up for the somewhat basic sculpting you had to pit up with.

  7. Thanks everyone, when the few that are left over are finished i will post a big team photo of the whole force, and yes they will see action very soon as i wish to try out Battlefronts new book for Nam.

  8. Very productive week. Great stuff. cheers

  9. My Battlefront Vietnam stuff is somewhat neglected as well...