Monday, 12 March 2018

From BenitoM: The last of the Austrians (60 points)

I return today to The Challenge with my final batch of painted Austrian troops after a couple of weeks absent for different reasons.

Firstly, the last company of the Second Battalion of the Vienna Volunteers Regiment...

...and the full battalion now displayed

I continue with a regular Line Infantry Regiment (17th Reg Reuss-Plauen Bohemina) with its distinctive dark orange colors.

Two companies this time which add to the command group painted back in January

I need to paint an additional company to finish the battalion but I'm not sure if I'll make it before The Challenge ends. My plan is to fully concentrate the rest remaining days in painting the Curtgeld as well as a mounted figure for KentG, the absolute and uncontested winner of the Black Powder Paint Duel with over 3,400 points (myself second with 620 points).  

Today's submission comprises 12 models in 28mm scale @5 points each = 60 points to add to my Challenge Score. As usual, the models are a mix of plastic Victrix (Vienna Volunteers) with Perry heads and Perry models (Line Infantry)
Wishing all participants a very good week.


Welcome back to the Challenge, Benito - even though you've only been away for a couple of weeks, you were greatly missed by all of us.  You are, of course, most welcome to rejoin us, all the more so when you present yet more of your wonderful, splendid Austrians.  Has there been a better way to start any Challenge VIII Monday than looking at the ranks of Austrian volunteers and recruits marching towards us in their fine uniforms?  I doubt it.

Again, I'm loving the careful brush control, the masterful painting of grey and white, and the wonderful ground work colours (which I've been trying to copy, far less successfully, in my own figures).  They have been, and continue to be, a great addition to the Challenge.  

Well done again, Benito.  Another 60 points to your total, and best of luck in the final stretch!


  1. Lovely work Benito :)
    The last of the Austrians? We won't get to see any more? :(

  2. Lovely Austrians, it's been a pleasure watching them regularly marching past!
    Best Iain

  3. Benito, these stalwart chaps have been a real treat throughout the Challenge, and your latest submission is no exception. Well done!

  4. Beautiful brushwork Benito!

  5. Wonderful looking troops Benito!


  6. Outstanding brushwork Benito, it has been fantastic seeing these guys come together throughout the Challenge, especially the Landwehr figures. Great stuff!

  7. Many thanks for your kind comments. I’m really going to miss the challenge a lot.