Monday, 12 March 2018

From SeanS - an Old-School Barn (25 points)

Hi All,

It occurred to me this week that I have precious little terrain. I got in a discussion on a chat group about buying versus making and then remembered I had several old buildings that I had started around 1990, but never finished.

I set about to remedy that.

The barn itself was made from the plans printed in White Dwarf, 140 I think. I found a copy online but the templates don't seem to match the dimensions of my final product. Maybe I enlarged them back in the day. The peak of the roof is 4.25" and the base is 5.5" by 5.25" I'm also not sure why I jammed the structure up against one edge.

As usual there are a few dodgy areas and some choices that could have been different. But I have a finished building now. So hooray for me.

If you want to see how it looked the middle of last week you can read about it on my blog here.

At some point in the next few days I'll be posting my build log.

Thanks for looking.


Wonderful work, Sean!!  I remember lots of these buildings being offered in White Dwarf, and some of the original Warhammer supplements ('Bloodbath at Orks Drift', and maybe the 'Tragedy of McDeath').  I made them up, back in the day, in a far more ham-fisted way that this lovely model. It's really a very splendid piece of work, and very characterful.  I particularly like the tiled roof, and the winch for the hay-bales and bags of corn to be lifted to a safe dry place (or dropped from a height on a goblin, squig or random passer-by).

A terrific, nostalgic piece of terrain, Sean.  Fine work, Sir, and fully deserving twenty points for the terrain, and a five more for putting this together.


  1. Lovely dilapidated structure, nice lean in it, very characterful!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. I've got more, but not sure I can get them knocked out before the end of the challenge. It would have been fun.

  2. That is one great looking barn. The distressed planking is brilliantly rendered.

  3. Looks excellent! Going to look even better on a game table. great stuff. cheers

  4. Well done! Great to see such a lovely piece after such a long time.

    1. Thanks Moiteri, I'm working on some more.