Monday, 12 March 2018

From SamuliS: Grenadier Battalion von Sperl (72 points)

Another battalion of Saxon grenadiers, this time from the second division in the form of the von Sperl battalion. As with the other one it really should have mixed coat facing colours, but for sake of clarity and simpler painting I just painted all of them blue instead of mixing some red facings in as well.

I had a pretty decent start for my rush to the finish line, but got fairly badly sidetracked during the weekend with some wedding related organizational duties and then helping a friend out with his renovations. So only the single battalion to show for my efforts and a pretty intimidating gap to close in the last week of the challenge. Still 18 minis which should amount to 72 points of AB Naps.

I finally dug out all the semi finished minis that I've started over the challenge from their respective project piles. There's definitely more than I can even realistically finish in the last week. All the remaining Blood Bowl minis will just be left as they are as I've only really drybrushed their bases and applied some paint on the fur areas. The rest are at least closer to finishing so I'll prioritize them. 

Should be quite a potpourri of subjects for the last few days with 40k, fantasy, different Napoleonics, some 6mm terrain and even a Dropfleet commander ship that I've got started. Some should be finishable with just a few hours of work and some needing quite a bit more. It'll definitely be a busy week!

Another fine battalion, Samuli - and from what I can see, there's going to be no holding you back in the steady march to the finishing line. 

The Saxon grenadiers look splendid - the AB Figures are lovely and i completely agree that, if time is a little short, it helps to keep uniform facings simple and, well, .... uniform! I love the overall look of the unit, and the basing. They'll look terrific in the field - and Napoleonic Saxons normally are OK in battle.. with a bit of a following wind, and secure flanks.. and rear support....

Well done anyway. A great looking unit which will net you another 72 points towards your total. And the very best of luck for the remaining items on your bustling workbench!


  1. Lovely looking Saxons, nice facing colour!
    Best Iain

  2. Great painting, those red plumes really pop against the crisp white of the uniforms.

  3. Lovely looking unit Samuli :)

  4. Excellent brush control Samuli! Those uniforms are gorgeous.

  5. Splendid work Samuli! I really shudder when I imagine I had to paint such large units in mostly white.

    1. Thanks you! To be honest if I'd had to do this in 28mm scale I'd probably shoot myself :D With the AB 18mm minis it's at least tolerable with a simple offwhite basecoat, thinned black wash and then most areas repainted with offwhite again.

      Proper white shades just seem way too difficult to achieve. Finding a good balance between enough shade and too much contrast is just ridiculously difficult