Wednesday, 14 March 2018

From DaveD WW2 Tanks and 80'S Airpower 130 points!

As per last week I have now finished the next lot of tanks and halftracks for my WW2 American forces for a Normandy campaign.

I have added another 20 vehicles , 2 M10s, 3 M5s , 10 Shermans , and 5 M3 halftrack

so 20 x 15 mm vehicles = 120 points

M10's "Smasher" and "Basher" by Battlefront

Plastic Soldier Company Half tracks and Stuarts

and with the 4 I completed last week, up to 24 vehicles ,a good start to my US armoured forces

I also had an order from Heroics and Ros turn up with the remaining air assets for my 6mm Soviets..

so 5 x 6mm vehicles = 10 points 

I just have a final pack of Soviet infantry left to paint , and few West German forces left to do - pretty pleased with the progress on this this project - it  can be classed as "as good as finished" 

3 Su25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft 

Another 2 Mi24 Hinds 

That makes 8 Hinds altogether - that should have MartinC scrabbling to paint some AA assets!
Grand total = 130 points

From Ray

WoW that's a lot of  Camels Tanks once again Dave, how do you find the time to paint all these figures?
The tanks are brilliantly painted as are the halftracks. The Soviet aircraft also look the biz, not quite sure what the quote, "as good as finished" means???

20 x 15 mm vehicles = 120 points
5 x 6mm vehicles = 10 points
Total 130 points


  1. They look awesome great job Dave

  2. Great work Dave!

    There is something kinda neat about the M10 - looks so useless without a roof on the turret, but also has a "sports car" type air about it...

    Well done.

  3. I think I may actually be all camelled out!

    1. Ray - when does a project ever actually finish I guess! always room for expansion if the fancy takes.

    2. Absolutely Dave. I've beer finished any period. I've got stacks of figures but there's always the Dutch or Spanish even though you don't actually need them!

  4. Amazing work Dave! You're putting these out at quite a speed!

  5. Excellent work allround Dave! Especially those air assets look nasty. Wouldn’t want to be on the recieving end.

  6. Really nice armour and nice soviet airpower!
    Best Iain

  7. I love that swarm of Hinds!