Saturday, 21 April 2018

Paul O'G's AHPC VIII Wrap up

Apologies for my tardiness but I've been all at sea lately (quite literally).  Regardless, here is my AHPC VIII totality.  Like many I suspect, it seems more when under the brush than when tallied, but it is a satisfying chunk of hobby happiness.
 As you can see I embraced the new terrain category, finishing off a 15mm Russian village, a 6mm ECW castle and a 28mm bridge.  I got a good portion of my new DAK Army finished and managed to complete entries for all bonus rounds.  I started with a 500 point goal, extended it to 600 and finished up with 679pts - which I was very happy with noting that I was travelling for about 4 weeks of the challenge.

Last year I was thrilled to get a Bonus Round Runner Up spot - this year I managed to jag two!  The first was this really wonderfully sculpted One Man Dirigible which I had sitting around for about 4 years and which I entered for the Flight Round

My Second Runner Up placement was for my FIW Royal Artillery Piece in the BFG Round.  I really enjoyed building this small vignette for the FIW Army I built last year during AHPC VII.

Perhaps my favourite piece to work on this challenge was my Friekorps Panzerauto and crewman, which I completed in January
Thanks for a LOT of fun during the challenge.  I am in awe to be amongst such wonderfully productive and encouraging hobbyists, and hope to be back again next year.  Until then take care!


  1. Welcome back to friendly shores Paul! I know your Challenge this year was curtailed by work, but your output was top-drawer. Well done mate!

    1. I appreciate that Curt, and thanks indeed for having me back!

  2. Grand stuff , I loved the dirigible!

  3. Lots of lovely work, I really liked the armoured car!
    Best Iain

  4. Terrific output Paul. I did love the FIW artillery! Great job!

  5. Well done Paul - great painting

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