Monday, 31 December 2018

From FranL: Scenery of many scales (80 Points)

- Sorry folks, Curt here. I'm horning in on Barks' turf so we can clear the decks for this past week. Just a couple Holiday Challengers to go...


It's been a while...

You see this lollipop collection before you with a selection of 28mm, HO scale and 15mm pieces of plastic, resin and metal from a host of manufactures (somethings can be used for 15mm from many scales)...

You can see windows from GZG which will be used for video monitor screens...

Barrels and containers of every size...

Planning boards, pallets, vents, furniture and computers on desks...

A majority will end up in this MDF day!

I have more to come possibly, and I apologise for leaving them on the lollipops but handy for storage until needed.

They are 1/72 items, but unaware how to score them though!


First, welcome back to the Challenge, Fran! It's been a few years, so it's terrific to have you in the scrum again.

Wow, this is a treasure heap of 1/72 scale goodness. That MDF complex in the last shot looks very impressive. Is there a scenario you have in mind for it? What rules will you be using? Can I play? :) I like your use of the window frames to simulate panels of flat-screen monitors - very clever, that. 

Fran, you tell me that these roughly fill four 6x6 cubes so that puts it at 80 points. Well done Mr. Lee. And for you, the best thing about your entry is that you have twice as many points done as Ray. :)



  1. Nice work, it's those little bits that make it all work

  2. Great to see you back, Fran, and that looks like a lot of bits and bobs to me!! :-)

  3. Nice scatter pieces and add-ons, Fran :)

  4. Nice one Fran. Good to see you back in the fray.

  5. Great to have you back Fran and nice pieces as well!


  6. Great to see you back on the Challenge Fran! Nice terrain bits.

  7. What a great mix of useful things. Awesome.

  8. That's a load of bits and bobs! You can never have too many and these look great!
    Best Iain

  9. Good to have you back in the fold you old got!
    Where's my figures?

  10. Good to see you back in the mix Fran. You've been missed (OK, by everyone but Ray).

    Nice collection of stuff there mate. Who makes the MDF rooms and corridors in the last pic? I could use a set of those myself...


  11. Looking forwards to seeing some in-action shots!

  12. What a nice mix of stuff, excellent work!

  13. Da Fran is back! Great to see you here again mate and lovely scenics as well!