Sunday, 27 January 2019

The 'Sport' Theme Results are now UP!

Hi All!

The votes are in for our 'Sport' bonus round! We had a very respectable showing, with the entrants treating us with visions of all things, well, sporting! Thanks to all the participants for their entires.

First up, for our Honorary Mentions, we have:

JamesM's 'NAAFI Van' 

BenF's 'A Spot of Tennis?'

MichaelA's 'Private Dancer'

PaulSS' 'English Archery Tournament'

and, PaulOG's 'Gladiator Sagittarius and Dux the Spectator'

Bravo! Great work fellas!


In Third position, for 25 bonus points, we have:

MartinN's sad and evocative 'To the Green Fields Beyond...'

In Second place for 50 bonus points:

RayR's very cleverly crafted 'Lacrosse'

And, in First Place, for 75 bonus points and a gift certificate from Regina's 'Comic Readers', we have Byron's orktastic 'F1 Race Car, Ork Style'



Congratulations to our people's choice winners and, again, a big THANK YOU to all our participants for making this Bonus Round a wonderful success! Great work everyone!

If you're interested in seeing the voting results they can be found here.

Now, please get back to your hobby desks and get busy working on your submissions for our next theme round, 'Mercenary'. All entires are due by midnight this Saturday - I will have the gallery up next Sunday.

Have a great week!



  1. Excellent work by all.. But of course everyone knows red ones go faster..

  2. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up, worthy choices all!

  3. Congratulations, some lovely work on show this round

  4. Amazing stuff this round!

    Congrats to Byron's Formula One Orcs, and MartinN is rapidly becoming the man to beat!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!


  6. good selection of entries and a very cool winner

  7. Congrats to all and a well deserved win to you Byron!

  8. Thank you everyone for all the kind words and votes. Congrats to the runners up, and amazing brushwork there Martin!

  9. I must say it's a very wonderful activity. Healthy competitions teach us a lot. Great work done by all the participants. Keep up the good work.

  10. Very much merited winners and runner ups. Congratulations to all

  11. Well done everyone! And congratulations to the winners!

  12. Well-deserved prizes there. Except for 2nd place - I mean, come on, that was Ray! ;)

  13. Great to see myself on the podium once more, I really appreciate the positive feedback. Congratulations to both Ray and Byron for two great entries which deservedly occupied the top two places.
    Also congrats to all the runners up and all others who submitted entries to this bonus round. Quite some fun and imaginative entries there.

  14. Congrats everyone - again, very fine winners and mentions. Great work.

  15. Congrats to all! Quite the competition


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