Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thursday - DaveS - Made it (120 points)

So, this is the second post today.  I managed to get the Billmen based just in time (I hope) and so without much fiddling, I present a further 24 infantry for my WoTR army, which should be 120 points if my maths is good (see, no claiming extra models because I'm half asleep this time)

The front stand of these has a banner bearer and Man at Arms leading the retinue troops.  I know that Swordpoint (my chosen system) says that if a Captain is going to be permanently attached to a unit then you can model the base this way.  And that is why I've done it.  Definitely not because I was 2 Billmen short to finish the unit.  Honest.


What a lovely block of billmen! They look great,I look forward to seeing them with flags! Seriously nice work and basing and well done on getting another post in today, nothing wrong with your maths this time that's 120 points towards your total!

All the best Iain


  1. Very nice looking body of troops. Love the green and white livery.

  2. Good to see this project progressing Dave :)

  3. I like evrything about this post except that it’s given me a Barry Manilow ear worm. You’re welcome everyone.

  4. You're just cracking along with this project, Dave. Brilliant stuff. It must be a nice break from all the archers.

  5. Great unit. I like how your painting desk is also in your chosen livery, that's dedication! :)
    Keep those figures coming.

    1. Chosen livery, or over zealous use of the airbrush. ;-)

  6. This is really rolling along Dave, congratulations. I have to admit I know nothing of the WOTR, but it sure looks like a heck of a scrap, and it will be great to use all of these newly painted forces, no doubt. Excellent.

  7. Well done for sneaking this one in Dave.

  8. Nice unit, the metals are specially great

  9. The green of the basing and the green of the livery works very well together!


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