Monday, 11 February 2019

From BenF: Allez, la legion! 6mm Cold War French test (15 pts)

My second entry this week is a little one. I've got a decent sized force of Cold War French basecoatwd and before I started on the mass of infantry, I wanted to make sure I had the colors right.
My force will be based around the Force d'Action Rapide, the french rapid response force made up largely of foreign legion troops. Lightly armed with armoured cars and VAB personnel carriers, the FAR looks like it will be an interesting challenge to use. 

For the test, I painted up a few support units. First off, a brace of Milan anti tank launchers.

Next, two M2 .50cal HMG bases. 

Finally, a couple of deployed 120mm mortar bases.

These latest sculpts from Heroics and Ros are brilliant, I love the tiny FAMAS assault rifles, and while mortars are usually as boring as paint drying, those MO-120s are little works of art. I'm pretty happy with the colours, I think they capture the greenish olive look of the French uniforms seen in period photos, and the tricoleur shoulder flash adds a dash of colour.

So points for this entry should be:
26x 6mm figures = 13 points
(I've scored the HMG and Mortars as figures, as there is not crew served weapons points for 6mm)

Expect lots more Cold War French in the near future.

A double entry! I like the shrubbery, you'll have to share your secrets with us. I do think you're a little bonkers for doing shoulder flashes in 6mm... so you're in good company here, and get a couple of bonus points. I'm looking forwards to seeing those cool French AFVs!



  1. Great little Frenchies, Ben :)

  2. Your work on such small scale minis is inspiring.

  3. Nice work again Ben. Love the tricolours on the shoulder flashes, and the bushes by the Milans

  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, the flashes are probably a bit much, but they help mark them out as particularly French.
    Barks: the shrubs are from, and they're 'small shrubs'

  5. Great looking mini legionaries!
    Best Iain

  6. Outstanding brushwork - particularly on the MILAN teams, very well done.