Saturday, 2 February 2019

From DaveD Woods & Bridge (60 points)

A few other terrain bits this week. First up "Martins Bridge' - Well only if his paras actually manage to capture it - last time somehow my relief force reached the bridge before his paras did...!

I do like bridges for wargames scenarios - they are great for capturing , destroying , defending , retreating across etc. I wanted a decent sized one for my WW2 15mm forces - so here it is .

 The central span arch girder was sourced as a OO gauge railway MDF set - cost £8.50 free delivery !
I built the piers and ramps from foam board and MDF sheet with the brickwork from a brick pattern embossed sheeting - the railing on the ramps is made from pins and wire. A quick bit of kit bashing later and voila!

3 guesses what i was watching while doing this... 

From end to end its 30 inches long 3 1/2 inches wide 5 inches high its 12 inches wide between the piers -  damn it i need some wider river sections.. ! it never ends!

actually really - this is what inspired me since i was about 6 ...

you know it ... go on - you really do know whats going to happen

I have also finished off the stock of trees I had in my terrain "to do" drawer. These are trees usually for model railways - they are made by Busch and are a mix of sizes 40- -60 mm high. They are good for small 15mm of reasonable 6mm. This tops my trees collection up to about 300 - enough to nicely fill a good sized table

AT Gun for scale only

They are based on a range of shapes 2mm MDF that i get from Warbases.

Volume wise they take up 1 and 1/2 terrain cubes

over to , the best , top , superb , mega honourable minion Tamsin for points ! with luck this takes me over 1000 points and a third of the way to my target -.. Millsy eat my shorts....

right where did i put my camels


Enough of the sucking up, Dave! OK, suck up some more!

That bridge looks just the thing for Martin to try to capture and "hold until relieved". I'm guestimating a little here, but assuming the ramps max out at 2" high, I'm going to score that as 1.5 terrain cubes. That'll give you thirty points. And another thirty for the woods.

However, I think you need to check your maths - 1000 points is two-thirds of the way to your target, unless I am greatly mistaken. As for Millsy eating your shorts, I don't believe that was a part of your side-duel, but perhaps it should be!


  1. I've told you over and over Dave but you just don't seem to listen. My mouth is NEVER going anywhere near your shorts. Please stop asking.

  2. dammit - my secret back up target is out...

    Tamsin - thanks , I reckon thats about right for tye bridge! ta!

  3. Nice bridge and lots of great looking trees!
    Best Iain

  4. Ah, now I know what you were rambling about! Excellent work on the bridge Dave. A really nice find it seems.

    1. Thanks Nick.. indeed it was.. I may have to get another!

  5. Cracking job on the bridge - is that the wide part?

    1. Cheers . It is the widest span I have so far ... I need a wider river now!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks . I am get a good collection of it


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