Monday, 25 February 2019

From MikeW: 28mm Bretons and 17th Century Spanish 20mm VBCW (181 Points)

I'm trying to concentrate on a couple of projects this week, however, somehow I doubt I'll be able to keep focused! First I have a pile of Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age figures - which I have had kicking around for some time. My aim is to build these as Bretons to fight alongside their Norman allies at the Battle of Hastings.

Plastic frames awaiting assembly
There are six frames of five figures on each and I was able to rummage through my spares box to find enough spare 'Norman heads', heads with helmets and kite shields to make 21 Bretons.

A number of the spare heads were from the Saxon Warrior box, sounds fiddly (and t was) but using a sharp modelling knife  - I cut off any mustaches from the Saxon heads as the Normans at the time were clean shaven...

Battle Fag Transfers
In my mind,the Bretons are the poorer cousins of the Normans, keen to follow Norman fashion but not quite at their level, not  sure about the historical accuracy of this assumption but I will have their men not quite so well equipped and so these generic Dark Age warrior types can make up their back ranks, giving the units a distinctive look and feel.

The figures are based on 2 pence pieces and so once glued on, I undercoated in white before painting the little guys in largely muted colours - although I have done one in red, a couple in maroon and a few in light or dark blue.

I used shield transfers on these figures and then painted over with matte varnish. Figures were based in my normal manner.

First Line of 7 Bretons

Second Line of Bretons

Third Line of Bretons
These photos taken just before i sprayed the figures with matt varnish, to remove the shine

Calculations: 21 x 28mm Foot figures @ 5 Points ea = 105 Points

Next item are 4 x 28mm 17th Century Spanish Musicians from The Morados Viejos, or "Old Purples", this unit originated in 1632 as the Tercio de Sevilla, or Regiment of Seville, and was the oldest "standing" Tercio in service through to the early 1700s.

The figures are from Phoenix Miniatures, previously available from North Star but sadly these seem to have disappeared from sight about 18 months ago. I have a regiment of the 'Old Purples' already painted-up, I thought I'd add a small vignette of some musicians playing to add colour to the table top, not that colour was in short supply for Spanish armies of the period - each Tercio being uniformed in separate distinctive colours!

Spanish Musicians from the 'Old Purples' Tercio

So in the group is a drummer, 2 fifers and a piper - yes the Bagpipes were a reasonably common musical installment of the period and not limited to the Scottish Highlands!

Figures were undercoated in white and painted in my normal way, then based on an 80 x 40mm base. Job Done!

Calculations: 4 x 28mm Foot figures @ 5 Points ea = 20 Points

Raw plastic figures
Next item are a group of WW1 British Infantry, heavy Weapons Squad, painted up for my VBCW project. Alsofound were a group of  4mounted figures, believe these were with the Artillery set and these are going to be pressed into service as VNCW Cavalrymen.
Again they represent the Liverpool Workers Council and again they are from a plastic HaT set.

Liverpool Workers Council Heavy Weapons Team
There is a two man mortar team, a two man HMG team, a prone two mane Lewis Gun team and an officer, all painted in same manner as I did the Field Gun in a previous post.

BTW, I found another Field Gun team, which I will tackle in a future week...

Mounted Figures

Calculations: 5 x 20mm Foot figures @ 4 Points ea = 20 Points
                        2 x 20mm Prone Figures @ 2 Points ea =  4 Points
                        4 x 20mm Mounted Figures @ 8 Points ea = 32 Points
                        Total 56 Points
Next Batch of 17th Century Figures,
incl Spanish 

Final item I have started is another 28 man 17th century Saxon Infantry Unit, this time it will be representing Röbel's Regiment, and is basically a repeat of the previous regiment I painted up but this time with Green facings to the coat.

I mention it here to 'force' myself to do the painting! Even if it's in between other items I may decide to paint up, who knows if I'll get them finished this week!

Calculations: 21 x 28mm Foot figures @ 5 Points ea = 105 Points
                          4 x 28mm Foot figures @ 5 Points ea = 20 Points
                          5 x 20mm Foot figures @ 4 Points ea = 20 Points
                          4 x 20mm Mounted Figures @ 8 Points ea = 32 Points
                          2 x 20mm Prone Figures @ 2 Points ea =  4 Points
                          TOTAL = 105 + 20 +20 +32 +4 = 181 Points

Whoof! Thank you for supplying the calculations for this week's typically varied entry! I, too, have a bunch of Dark Age plastics waiting for some painting love. I don't know if I'd have the patience to carve off their moustaches though... I like your Spanish musicians inflicting the pipes on the foe! The basing really sets off the VBCW figures. A great entry all round!



  1. Nice work on all of these Mike :)

  2. Lovely work all round,I especially like your 17th century Spanish musicians!
    Best Iain

  3. A great selection of figures Mike. Love the Old Purples! Not heard of Phoenix figures before. I'll try and track them down.

  4. A wonderful mix of minis and periods. Nicely done!

  5. Great work Mike. I particularly like those Spanish musicians.