Wednesday, 20 February 2019

From StuartL - Crusaders again? (32 points)

My second post this week is a bunch of Crusaders. These ones have a slightly more fantasy take on the theme though. The models are by Privateer Press and are for the Menoth faction of Warmachine. 
The Protectorate of Menoth are the religious fanatics of the Warmachine world. Their aim is to spread the word of Menoth to everyone. That word is 'FIRE'. As a rule, they like burning things. On occasion they may smash something with a massive mace, and then burn it, but only if they feel that simply burning it isn't enough.
I'm not a Warmachine player myself, (though I played ages ago), these models were done for a friend of mine who plays fairly regularly. The Warmachine scene here in Japan is actually fairly busy. The straightforward nature of the rules means that they can be translated easily and big, stompy mechs are always popular.
I'm not altogether certain what these models are exactly, but I can tell you that they are Warjacks. 'Jacks are an important piece of the Warmachine game. They are capable of dishing out a lot of damage, taking a lot in return and can be powered up by having the Warcaster (leader) of their battle group handing over extra magic power.
Again, I'm not entirely sure on the names of these figures. The central figure is the Warcaster of the group and, as her base demonstrates, she loves fire. I think this would be a fantastic model to use OSL techniques on, but I'm not that great of a painter. All of the models have white marks on the sides of their bases to denote where their front/rear arcs are, in case anyone was wondering.
None of these models has any pure white on it. The armour was all painted with Vallejo's Light Grey mixed with White on a 1:1 basis. It's close enough to fool the eye and is far easier for painting. 

I'm not sure as to the points scoring. The three infantry models are roughly 28mm figures, but the two Warjacks are bigger. So, I will let my ever diligent minion handle the scoring for those. However, I believe that they do get me a Squirrel point for my tally.

It's a good thing I can detect how tall a figure is from a photograph, thanks to my having been visited by three good fairies in my infancy...
; )

We'll say 5 points apiece for the smaller figures, and I'll take a stab and say 7 and 10  for the Warjacks, for a total of  32 points.

Well done, Sir!



  1. Very nice work,no Idea what they are but nicely done!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks. Warmachine seems to be one of those games that you are either deeply into or have no interest in at all. That said, the models are quite nicely detailed and paint up well.

  2. Great stuff. Very nice work with the white. cheers

  3. Really nice work - very crisp and clean

  4. Nicely done. I dabbled with warmachine, but the rules weren’t to my groups liking, although these figures are very nicely done.

  5. I'm not huge into warmachine, but with my Cygnar force, I know these guys are tough!
    I like your choice for white and I have noticed that off white is easier to paint. The Crimson purple is well done too!

  6. Very nice, I do think I still have an un-used Warcaster for Menoth lying around somewhere....


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