Saturday, 2 March 2019

From MichaelA: Droids? What Droids? (40 points)

Hot on the heels of the Droids from last week, I present the most luckless search party in celluloid history!  I am tinkering away with various bits of terrain for a Tatooine themed board and needed a couple of ‘extras’ to set the scene, as it were.  To that end I have grabbed my Imperial Assault Dewback and five Stormtroopers from the Star Wars: Legion core box to represent the Imperial presence.  Once again I used Sorastro painting tutorials for both, which this time saw me take on wet blending with a matt medium.  I have become so impressed, and perhaps a little bit dependent, on this man’s work that I have decided to become a patron and was pleasantly surprised at the additional PDF guides that this allowed me access to.  There is no doubt in my mind that these guides have seen me change my painting style and I would like to think for the better?


Once again the scale discrepancy is notable between the two game systems, but interestingly the backpack on the Dewback rider and that of the Heavy Weapon Trooper are identical in size!  Speaking of the Dewback, I needed to adapt the shock lance using some brass rod.  The Stormtroopers are, of course, not really Sandtroopers, but will suffice although they have clearly only just arrived on the planet judging by their mostly pristine armour!  If the truth be told, I just couldn't bring myself to wash over my carefully painted work!

So that is one mounted unit and five foot for an additional 35 points.

Great work Michael! Ah, the hapless Imperial fun, so pointless, so essential - pop cultural touchstones who cannot hit the broad side of a barn with their shooting.  This particular Stormtrooper party is, as you say, notorious for its incompetence, and has become an infamous  punch line. 

They will be the absolute perfect addition to any Tatooine scene being contemplated, and your brushwork is, as always, outstanding.  I cannot speak to these painting tutorials you mention, but the results certainly speak for themselves - the dewback in particular is top-shelf stuff. 

Having seen the bonkers scale of the "Star Wars: Legion" figures up close, I am impressed at how well they mix in with the "Imperial Assault" lot.  Just great stuff, excellent work. 

And while we find no droids, we find 40 points - yes, a few extra points because that dewback looks so cool, and because I'm getting an opportunity for a day to be a minion, I may as well abuse my power while I can...



  1. Wonderful work Michael! :)

    @ Greg - the only time that stormtroopers can't hit the side of a barn is when one of the main "heroes" is standing in front of it; plenty of Rebel "redshirts" get killed by them ;)

    1. Good point Tamsin - that is a nuance I missed...the Stormtroopers do mow down a fair number of no-name folks...

  2. Great looking stormtroopers! Lovely finish!
    Best Iain

  3. Great work, very crisp white work!

  4. "Look sir, a metal ring!"
    ; )
    Great search party, Michael - the big lizard is especially fine!

  5. Very nice Michael - that dewback is excellent

  6. That is a great looking steed and the stormtroopers are nice as well.

  7. That's some cracking looking star wars Micheal!


  8. Awesome looking Star Wars goodness! Love the rider and his feral steed.

  9. Thank you one and all and especially Greg, the extra points are gratefully received Sir!

  10. Awesome! Looks really good. First time I saw one of these was on a Bubblegum card with movie photos. Cheers

  11. Superb entry Michael! Love the Dewback. Reminds me of that short story from 'Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View'