Saturday, 9 March 2019

From PaulO'G: DAK Infantry and vehicles (182 points)

Presenting the final submission for my DAK Army - Panzergrenadiers!

Infantry (with each 3 squads each separated into their rifle and LMG groups) a Platoon HQ squad, both light and medium mortars in support, and a flammenwerfer trooper in case I want to field the platoon as Sappers.  Forged in Battle (FiB) figures.

For early desert war encounters I will mount them in trucks as Shutzen but in later engagement during the Tunisia/Torch era they will be Gepanzerte Grenadiers riding fancy new SdKfz 251 halftracks (PSC Hanomags, FiB Command variant)

Here is the Kampfgruppe Kommander and his Command halftrack (FiB figures)

To keep the boys in fighting shape, the medical support team: a medic, stretcher bearers and a SdKfz 251 ambulance variant. Taking these in Battlegroup increases the resilience of your force, so they have a real, on table effect.  I haven't really in this capability before and am looking forward to trying them out. Combination of Peter Pig and FiB figures, Ambulance by FiB.

And to keep those Allied Jabos off their backs, an SdKfz 10/5 with a 2cm FlaK mount (Battlefront model)

I also finished off some minor terrain pieces - 5 haystacks for the 15mm Russian village I did back in AHPC 8 (and then misplaced before I could paint them), and a small area of rough desert terrain.  I suggest a point each for the haystacks and 3 points for the rough ground based on its dimensions relative to the "standardised but inexplicably not yet metric terrain cube" system.

Thats a total of 56 Infantry and weapons crews (2 points each), a mortar (4 points), 7 vehicles (8 points each) and 8 points of terrain for a submission total of 180 points.

That is the last of my DAK submissions, which have been spread across both AHPCs 8 and 9.  While I am sure that there will be future additions that is the last currently planned. I'm pleased with their veteran but cohesive look, and all the early war vehicle diversity it incorporates.  I am looking forward to taking some Army pics of them all together soon.

And as if that wasn't enough, this submission not only a new AHPC Personal Best it takes me over 4,000 points totalled during my five AHPC seasons (yes, I know some people do that in a single season...).  Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments and words of encouragement along the way.

This is exactly how I feel having finished this army! :-)


Haha! I love that final shot - you should feel great after completing such a beautifully executed project.  Those Hanomags look brilliant - I really like your DAK recipe with the weathering as it gives a bright, yet still weathered veteran look.

This group will give you a very tidy 182 points (with a couple extra added for sake of completion). 

BTW, the reason I have the terrain cubes at 6 inches square is to placate Brit and Yank sensibilities. I figure they have enough on their plates right now without having to figure out new fangled modern measurements. Maybe in 2020? We can always hope.  :)



  1. Fantastic Panzer grenadiers and half tracks! Beautiful weathering, the whole project has been great! Just for the record the UK has been metric since the 1970s and certainly by the 1980s, I only use Imperial when I'm working with Americans!
    Best Iain

    1. Interesting, the last time I visited I found that your traffic (and weight measurement) signs are a conglomeration of both metric and imperial, which can be a bit of a challenge when driving, especially when combined with getting my head wrapped around being on the 'wrong side' of the road! ;)

    2. Ahem... that would be the “correct side” ...

    3. 30% of the world's driving population... :P

      Seriously, it's only driving stick that really throws me for a bit of a loop as my left hand has no muscle memory for shifting (and the blinker/wipers are on the opposite side as well).

  2. Cracking job mr OG. I can so see you reviewing your troops!

    Metric...! At least we have proper imperial as well _ not this faux US imperial !

  3. Nice DAK troops and vehicles Paul :)

  4. Lovely DAK stuff Paul.
    My favourite Canadian metric moment, we moved to metric gradually. There was a year when cars gas mileage was measured in kilometres per gallon.

  5. Very well done! Really dig the Hanomags. Those FiB figures look ace... too bad I gave mine away just a few weeks back.

  6. A fantastic looking force. Your hanomags are awesome.

  7. Very nice- I love the last photo! I've always thought the 251 was a cool vehicle.


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