Monday, 28 January 2019

From ScottM: French Dragon Portes & Oxen?!? (120 points)

My submission for this week is composed of two parts. First up is this group of 28mm World War 2 French Dragon Portes. These metal figs are from Crusader Miniatures.

I'm not 100% on the uniform colours but they're done now! Overall they're typical great figs from Crusader.

Next up is a group of four oxen from Wizkids. Simple figs but they get the job done and were quick and easy to paint up.

That should be 20 - 28mm figs for 100 points and I'd guess 5 points for each oxen for a total of 120 points.

Nice work, Scott. Farm animals are always useful movable scenery and help to sell the scene. I like your work on the map! 120 points to your total.



  1. Nice minis. The Dragons look great, well done.

  2. Looks great Scott. What/who were the Dragons? I'll have to check that out...

  3. Nice looking French and useful farm animals!
    Best Iain

  4. Very good painting! Top stuff. cheers

  5. Nice work on those dragons - they look like great figs and you've done them proud. I have a pair of the same oxento do sometime this challenge....


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