Wednesday, 6 February 2019

From TeemuL: A Pair of Knights (20 points)

Two knights from the Battle Masters game, not sure about the horses, they might be newer Warhammer horses. I'm going to add them to my Age of Sigmar Skirmish force, Puffington Muffins and Puddings Militia. You can read all about our on-going campaign here (in English): There are five warbands fighting in the city, some are more or less official militia units, some or more secretive and underground. My militia force is sponsored by local bakery owner, Tchednik, who is actually a Tzeentch wizard and driving his own secret agenda in the background. What a nasty trick. Anyway, he is overly concerned about the small business (and his own bakery in particular) and has sponsored a local militia to protect the streets and customers of the city - too many other bakeries have been damaged by fires and other accidents lately. We must make sure our customers can safely buy and enjoy our specials, pink and blue hollows, lovely muffins with a surprise inside.

Anyway, on to the paintings now. These two knights will work as delivery guards and as fast support to other militia in case of trouble. I have painted them deep, rich, bright red to tie them with their god Khorne. Yes, Tchednik is a Tzeentch wizard, but he has managed to bind these two fellows (and other existing members) to fight his battles while thinking they are doing something important they want to do. Quite easy to outsmart those bloodlusting Khorne guys, isn't it? The orange highlight aren´t visible in the pictures and the colors look rather dull, but they look better in real life. They are bit messy and fast painted, they might look even worse in real life.

I have painted all my Slaves to Darkness units to have black helmet and black right glove, they are ultimately part of the Black Fist force, even though they are now fighting for Muffins and Puddings. The horses are not traditional black, I painted them with Zandri Dust for a change and washed with Ink Wash Flesh from Coat d'Arms. The base is Agrellan Badland with a piece of old tapestry to indicate cobble stone street - it is a cityfight campaign we are fighting. But rather than having it all cobble stone, I have only piece of it showing through mud and dirt, easier to field them alongside my other Slaves to Darkness forces later, if needed.

2 28mm cavalry models and 20 points.

A couple of bakery-inspired Chaos knights, eh? I suppose they use a lot of Khorneflour...?

...I'll get me coat.

20 points for this evil duo, well done Teemu!



  1. Ev: Groooan... Please stop.

    Teemu, nice work on these knights. I always like the look of pill-shaped basing for single cavalry figures.

  2. Good looking pudding knights!
    Best Iain

  3. Nice work Teemu.
    And I will now be suspicious of the local bakery...