Thursday, 18 December 2014

From Millsy - 15mm WWII Italian Heavy AA (52 Points)

My second effort this week is a battery of WWII Italian Heavy Anti-aircraft guns from the African theatre. These are Battlefront 15mm models are overall quite fun to assemble and paint.

The 90/53 gun was a towed heavy anti-aircraft weapon very similar to the German 88mm gun. Like the German equivalent it could also be employed in both an AA and an anti-armour role. You can see the kit comes with the axles and wheels should you choose to assemble it in towed form. I can't imagine many people would do that as they look much more menacing deployed for action. Having done that I still wanted to use the wheels so I've painted and based them to sit alongside on the table.

I've also painted up a couple of optional ammunition trucks to go along with the battery. These are resin models and really well sculpted and also fun to paint.

2 x guns, 16 x crew and 2 x vehicles gets me 52 points in total for a nice little boost to my tally. There's plenty more desert themed WWII to come from me so stay tuned.

On a vaguely related note, that scoundrel DaveD has challenged me to another side duel. The first of us to reach 1250 points will receive from the other some painted goodness or a goody bag of locally sourced lead to add to the pile. Seeing as my two entries today sends me back up above him on the tally I say challenge accepted! :-)

From Curt:
Oh, these are very nice Millsy and a startling shift from your recent entries - I confess I'm suffering a bit of whiplash from this! 
Like you, I really like seeing these guns deployed on their platforms as it' has allowed you to have all the crew deployed around them, attending to their various duties.  Very cool.
As Millsy mentions, we are witnessing a very brisk competition for top billing on the points roster. When Dave and Millsy were hammering out their challenge yesterday I jokingly said that I would enter it into 'The Book of Flung Handbags'. Well, Millsy being Millsy took the remark and ran with it:
Classic. As he suggests, I may have take this as impetus to make a special page on the blog to list our paint duels and side challenges.
Again, great work Millsy. 


  1. Very nice Italians - the Palm trees give a nice feel also

  2. I love these, Millsy!

    The dirty muzzles make them look like they've seen hard action.

    Handbags? I'll scratch yer eyes out! :-D

  3. Millsy being Millsy, I really can't help myself. Sorry about your neck Curt. At least it makes a difference from me being a complete pain in the @ss...

  4. These came out great. Really like the ammunition trucks.

  5. These are fabulous and they look great with the palm trees in back.

    You and Dave are really making this years Challenge a lot of fun to watch. And Curt's right, it is a bit like watching a close game at Wimbledon and getting whiplash. Looking forward to seeing Dave slam another one across the net at you :0)

    Great idea for the additional page Curt!

  6. Great looking stuff! Your painting speed is truly amazing. Hard to believe you are able to accumulate a lead pile while pushing guys out this fast :)

  7. Excellent work mate. What more can I say. Oh yeah, fast as well. very speedy.

  8. Ha .. I will be back looking down at Ya! Nice work on these matey...

  9. Handbags, eh? Well, Dave and Millsy do seem to be dancing around each other at the top of the table ;)

    Nice bunch of AA guns Millsy :)

  10. very nice again, really enjoying the fight for top place


  11. Good stuff! Always nice to see some Italian kit.

  12. Great work by the "Millsy Machine" - well done.

  13. I like guns, but I really like the trucks. They do seem that they have been working hard!
    Hand bags!? Dancing!? I should drag the two of ya out into the woods with me. At least mangle a sentence now and again or something to show you are roughhewn! ;)

  14. Where did you buy the Palm trees?